I found Beautycounter when I was learning about eliminating toxic products from my lifestyle. I mean for a long time I was focused on cleaning up my diet and it never occurred to me to clean up other aspects of my life as well. The more I learned about clean beauty from using Beautycounter, the more sense it made as a health and wellness coach to share it with others and add it to my business. 

I've always had a general idea that it's important to take care of your skin - it's the biggest organ that you have, and it just absorbs whatever you put on it. Think about the way medicine can be administered in creams and patches on your skin! I didn't know until recently that there are so many unregulated toxins in the products that we use every day, and the last time that a law was updated to help regulate some of these toxins in the beauty industry was in the 1930s! I can't even imagine all the substances that are used in the industry today that didn't even exist back then. Beautycounter has carefully screened and tested thousands of questionable ingredients, and banned 1,800 on the "Never List," and the US as a whole has only banned 30.  I'm proud of the work that BC has done to help make safer beauty products!

Speaking of safer, Beautycounter has also put a lot of effort into making their products safer and cleaner for the environment, too. A huge chunk of the packaging and shipping materials are glass and paper, making it easy to recycle or reuse. The ingredients that BC uses are also sustainably and responsibly sourced. Huge efforts have been made to benefit people, the planet, and communities.

I'm a BC consultant because I love waking up and knowing that I'm making a difference. I feel confident in the ingredients that I put on my body, where the products came from, and that they are going to be effective in supporting my skin, and I'm excited to share that with others! You vote with the money you spend, and I'm choosing to support and vote for companies (like BC) that benefit people, the planet, and communities. I hope you'll join me!

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