Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Frosty Almond Butter PUPsicles

When it's hot, I love a good smoothie, don't you? During one of our summer heat waves, I decided to help our pretty girl cool off with some homemade pupsicles. She already loves ice cookies and she deserves a cool treat, too!

I made this recipe with and without some of the locally grown blueberries we picked ourselves at a neighbor's invitation.


4oz almond butter

3oz water

2oz yogurt

Blend ingredients together - I use our Ninja single serving cup.

Pour into your baking mold - be sure to make room in your freezer ahead of time and put your mold on a cookie sheet so you can move it without spilling (learn from my failure).

Leave in the freezer until frozen and then store. Beware! Every time you open the freezer, your pup is going to want a pupsicle!

Let me know if you make these for your furry friend.