FASTer Way to Fat Loss® with AmyC


I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have taken my passion for health and wellness to the next level and have become a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coach. I had incredible results through the program and now want to empower others to get fit and healthy the FASTer Way. The FWTFL has transformed thousands of lives including my own and now I’m so excited for the opportunity to lead my own group of clients through this effective program.

Information on next round: 

PREP week begins: December 31, 2018
Registration is now OPEN - click to register here!!

I've put together a FREE Macros to Muscles Guide that introduces you to macros and explains why understanding them is so important to fat loss! Get it here

You can read about my first round experience on the program ---> blog post here

 Want to learn more about Intermittent Fasting? Download a FREE starter kit. Click here

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