Friday, June 14, 2024

How to Transform Your Summer in 5 Days

Summer's in full swing, and we want to shape up but the calendar is JAM PACKED, right? That's why I'm so excited for the FASTer Way 5-Day Summer Slim Down!

I look forward to this every year - quick results for the win.

From June 17-21, you'll get:

- Simple meal guides to keep you fueled right 

- Trainer-led workouts to fire up your metabolism 

- Our premium app with bonus tips and trainings 

- Daily motivation from me and our amazing community

Eating the right foods for just 5 days can decrease bloating, inflammation and improve your health! The Summer Slim Down is all about fresh and delicious foods this summer. We keep fitness FUN with brand new workouts every single day. You'll learn how to begin strategies that will kickstart your summer fat loss goals like never before.

In just 5 days, you'll be rocking a tighter, more confident you with crazy amazing energy levels. Summer doesn’t have to be a total loss when it comes to feeling and looking your best. You deserve that jumpstart.

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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Under an Hour a Day: Essential Habits for a Successful Midlife Health Journey

In this week's post, I share with you some powerful habits that can create a successful midlife health journey, all in under an hour a day. Whether you're short on time or looking for efficient ways to improve your health through midlife, these habits are perfect for you.  

But before we dive in, if you're serious about transforming your health and want personalized guidance, consider joining my coaching program. You'll get tailored advice and support to help you reach your midlife goals efficiently. I know you don't want to spend hours on your nutrition and fitness! Reach out to me if you’d like more information!

Let's talk about the first habit: morning movement. Starting your day with even just 15-20 minutes of exercise can boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. This could be a quick HIIT session or strength training workout, a brisk walk, or some yoga. Dance around your living room or kitchen if you like, just get moving!

The next habit is meal prepping. Spend 10-20 minutes in the evening planning or preparing your meals for the next day. This not only saves time but also ensures you're making the choices you need to for your goals. Simple tasks like planning what meals you’ll be eating the next day, ordering groceries, looking over a restaurant menu if you'll be eating out, pre-logging your macros if you are tracking, making your lunch and/or snacks can make a big difference. And if you're finding these tips helpful, don't forget to share this post with a friend who might benefit too! 

Lastly, let's talk about mindfulness. Take 5-10 minutes each day for activities like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or journaling…even self care time like your facial cleansing routine, dry brushing or sitting in a sauna is a good time to be thoughtful. This can help reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and support overall well-being so you can prioritize your goals and take care of YOU! I like to take this time when I’m in my sauna blanket. (I got this one on Amazon)

By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can create a successful health journey in under an hour a day. If you're ready to take your health to the next level, think about joining my coaching program for personalized support and guidance.