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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Speed Burst Days

Low carb day in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® means speed bursts and speed bursts are my favorite workout right now. Probably because I'm a cardio girl. I tend to gravitate more toward the workouts that are sweaty and get the heart rate going.

Week 5 Low Carb Day 1 - the workout

Speed Burst - I chose to take a Bodystep class again because I can get high intensity, intervals, and all the leg exercises like squats, lunges, step ups, and all kinds of jumps. Since there are typically 12 tracks in a class, the warm-up and cool-down are included. This class kicked my butt. Literally. I could feel myself struggling through some of the peak tracks, but later in the day I completely fell off the struggle bus and landed in bed. I think I was just dehydrated, but I felt like garbage.

Low Carb Day 1 - the meals

broke fast around noon - 3 scrambled eggs with ham, 2 PB&J rice cakes

lunch - leftover Italian chicken breast and greens beans

dinner - leftover Italian chicken breast and greens beans

snacks - handful of peanuts and half a protein bar

Low carb day 2 - the workout

Warm up - I walked about 10 minutes to the beach

Speed Burst - I chose sprint intervals for a private little Track Party-like workout. The workout was sprint at 100% effort for 20 seconds (about 100 meters) and recover for 40 (I walk around for this) seconds. Repeat 18 times. I was worried that it was going to rain, but it only sprinkled a little in the beginning. I can tell that my endurance has improved from the first set of sprints, because I didn't start to feel the leg wobble until the last 4 or 5 sprints.

AB circuit - I totally meant to do this when I got back to the apartment, but I completely forgot until now as I write this post. I was supposed to do: russian twists, bicycles, crunches and leg lifts. To my credit, I did most of these or similar in Bodystep. So I can say that I did them early, haha!

LISS - Walked home up the hill ---> kept my heart rate in the fat burning zone.

Low carb day 2 - the meals

broke fast at 11:00 - 3 scrambled eggs with ham, 2 PB&J rice cakes

lunch - wasn't hungry today and I had a little getting ready for vacation fun at the nail salon 👇🏻

PS - wearing my Oofos to the salon = happy legs

dinner - leftover Italian chicken breast, green beans and salad

snack - mini chocolate bar, celery and hummus

Have you ever experienced post-workout dehydration symptoms?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why My Legs Felt Like Jello

I saw this tank on my Instagram feed (it's from Sarah Marie Design Studio) and thought it was a perfect fit to this morning's workout. Today we were back to sprinting.

The beauty behind sprints is turning our bodies into fat burning machines so that long after our workout is over, we are still burning calories. Even while I'm sitting poolside, my body is still in fat burning mode. Who doesn't love that idea?

Week 2 Low Carb Day 2 - the workout

Warm up - walked to the promenade for the speed burst workout

Speed Bursts - Today I choose intervals. Sprint at 100% effort for 20 seconds (about 100 meters), then 40 seconds recovery. Repeat 12 times. I loved this workout! During my first rounds of carb cycling, I did all of my sprints on the elliptical because my knee was not cooperating back then. When I did the Shred program, I did some run/walk intervals and called them sprints. Now I'm loving that I can run them and the knee is responding ok with it. Each sprint got a little harder than the last until by the end, my legs were feeling like jello.

For fun, I brought along the GoPro Hero 4 and took a video of the sprint workout. Here's a collection of picture grabs. While we did our sprints, the weather changed completely. It was overcast and even sprinkled a bit at the start, but by the end the sun was shining and we were starting to melt.

AB Circuit - bicycles, crunches and leg lifts on the captain's chair ---> these are tough.

Cool down - walked home via the big hill to stay in the fat burning zone for low intensity cardio.

Remember that mention of being poolside? I really spent most of my 90 minutes in the water because it was so hot. Living easy and still burning fat ;)

Low carb day 2 - the meals

Broke fast at about noon - 3 scrambled eggs with ham, sausage links, and pb&j rice cake

Lunch - 4 turkey rollups and peanuts

Snack - chocolate protein shake (Designer Whey protein, almond butter, almond milk)

Dinner - leftover Italian chicken, steamed broccoli, and salad

If you could put your favorite motto on a tank, what would it say?

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Speed, HIIT, LISS and Swim

I signed up for another carb cycling intermittent fasting program and we started today.

I say "we" because mrC is doing it too. This time he is in the men's group. Previously he followed along with what I was doing and eating. We were thrilled with the results the first time we did the program a little over a year ago and we're hoping for a repeat performance.

Some rules for the program: do the daily workouts, track your macros using My Fitness Pal and post in the Facebook group, try to be gluten free and dairy free, and have a positive attitude.

Low Carb Day 1 - the workout

Warm Up - We walked about 15 minutes from our apartment to the fitness center.

Speed Bursts - We choose the 4 Cone Drill. Since we don't have cones, we found a space outside the fitness center and made an imaginary square. Sprint, shuffle, backpedal, shuffle. Repeat for 10 minutes.

Circuits: HIIT and ABS - We did these in the fitness center. We made modifications because honestly, these workouts are tough! We could only do 20 out of 40 in and out back kicks and we only did the HIIT circuit 2 times instead of three. The fitness center does not have an ab machine, so we had to modify the ab machine set to crunches. And I could only do sets of 5, not 10, on the leg lifts.

Cool Down - (low intensity cardio) walked 15 minutes back to the apartment up the big hill.

Low Carb Day 1 - the meals

The goal on low carb days is to keep our carbs below 50 net grams but consume your normal daily calories. Net grams means carbs minus fiber.  

Broke fast at 11:00 - 3 scrambled eggs and two sausage patties. This was too much food for me.

Snack - lid full of peanuts (about 30) and chocolate protein shake made with almond milk.

Lunch - 4 turkey rollups ---> should have had more to eat here

Snack - nothing ---> should have had another protein shake

Dinner - bbq chicken breast and steamed broccoli. Delicious! 

Overall, I nailed the low carb goal, but left about 500 calories on the table. 

One thing I like about this program is the flexibility. Each day there is a workout to match what day of the carb cycle you are in. You can choose the workouts that fit your lifestyle: beginner, gym, at home. The program also implements an 8 hour eating window, but you can choose your window. Most people go 12-8, but mrC and I are doing 11-7.

Today I also had a bonus little workout - swam 6 laps. It was such a pretty day that I went to the pool while mrC went to the airport. He met me there later.

At the end of the day, it's good to feel sore, right?
How do you feel about carb cycling/intermittent fasting?