Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Things

Today I have three things on my mind:

Yesterday, my friends at Simple Hydration released an awesome promotional video. This bottle is a little known secret that runners (like me) absolutely love. The fun part was that Simple Hydration asked customers (like me) to participate in the video. See if you can spot me:

Today, I find out if I made it into the New York City Half Marathon. Daisy and I put our names in the lottery back in November with the hopes that we will be taking a little road trip in March. 

Last night I read about a 5K that is being organized to help the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy. The event will take place in the spring, so until then I hope you will join the group and help me spread the word. 

What's on your mind today?


  1. Sandy Hook is definitely on my mind.

    I do hope you get into your half :)

  2. Great video, although if I were the guy in that depressing basement treadmill, I'd probably slit my wrists!

  3. Hope you get in the half, that would be a fun race! Thanks for the heads up on the Sandy virtual run. I'll definitely participate!

  4. I'm interested to see if they let you know about the half. They just sent the email today to NYC folks that they have the option of an entry to the half and I wondered how that would impact everyone

  5. Looks like they have delayed until tomorrow, ugh!

  6. LOL - but the bottle does work there too ;)

  7. That water bottle looks really handy. I read your other post where you reviewed it. Sounds like a good one!


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