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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Breaking in New Running Shoes - Mizuno Wave Sky

This post is sponsored by Mizuno Running and FitFluential. All reviews and opinions are my own.

I love running. I also love new running shoes. By new, I mean really new. New to the world kind of new. Today I'm excited to share my thoughts on the brand new (launched in May) Wave Sky from Mizuno.

The Wave Sky is a shoe built for neutral runners but with the most cushion for max comfort. A first glance might make you think this shoe is heavy, but it weighs in at only 9.3 ounces. That's not bad. In fact, that weight falls right in the middle of the Mizuno neutral family.

The Wave Sky is kind of like a crossover shoe. It's neutral but offers a substantial amount of midsole cushion like a stability shoe without feeling heavy and stiff. It's built to give runners a bit of a lively rebound. It's like you are getting the best of both worlds.

I've had a chance to break in my Wave Sky on easy runs, sprints and the treadmill. Let me just say that my feet and legs are happy with these shoes. I've been running in support shoes recently because of my knee, but these feel just as stable. They are so plush and so light and just feel really good. My feet are average width and there is plenty of room including the toe box.

I have to confess that when I receive a new pair of Mizunos, I fully intend to love them. Some I've loved more than others. I think the Wave Sky and I are going to be spending a lot of time together this summer.

Tweet: Want the best of both worlds? Try #running in the #WaveSky. @mizunorunning #ad #fitfluential from @runningescapade

Do you ever find yourself caught between two running shoe worlds?
What do you look for in a new running shoe?

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekly Wrap - A Fitness Plan

FASTer Way To Fat Loss week one kicked off and kicked my butt. It was awesome!

I'm a sucker for a schedule, a routine, a plan. Maybe it's the former teacher in me, but I just like to know where I'm going and what I'm doing when I have a goal. I think that is why I like the carb cycling programs so much. The plan is designed for people like me who want to lose fat and gain strength. People who already work out, but need to shake things up a bit to move past a plateau.

I like following the plan. For me, there is a great mix between running, HIIT, strength, and recovery.

Here's what week 1 looked like:

Monday - Speed burst and HIIT

Tuesday - Speed burst and LISS

Wednesday - Strength training

Thursday - More strength training

Friday - Active recovery yoga

Saturday - Strength training - leg day!

Sunday - I tried a juice cleanse

Do you follow a training plan or prefer to be spontaneous with your workouts?

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Recap: A Taper Kind of Week

Last week feels like it was a taper type of week. I was gearing up for another carb cycling program, so it felt like I had a little bit of go ahead and eat it now and enjoy it now mentality going on.

The week wasn't a complete wash or anything. I got to work out a lot with mrC, but I felt a bit lazier than usual.

Monday - Back for another 60 minutes of Body Attack Aerobics and killed some major calories.

Tuesday - Just a little foam rolling today.

Wednesday - Took my run indoors after a serious rainstorm.

Thursday - Basically a rest day before heading off to my first Bunco Happy Hour.

Friday - We spent the day in Shenzhen visiting friends and enjoying cheap massages.

Saturday - Great early morning run and some relaxing pool time.

Sunday - Another day at the pool after watching some Dragon Boat races. This time I did some laps.  I did 5 laps in about 10 minutes. I find it hard to pace myself in the pool.

Can you taper when you're not training for anything?

Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Run and SUP for a Full Body Workout

Some days I want to run and some days I want to SUP. Instead of choosing, today I followed up my run with a paddling session and got the best of both worlds!

mrC was home, so I took him on my 5K run route. I set my interval timer to 2:1, but modified as we ran like my last couple of runs. We also modified the route a little by cutting through the park and then taking the ramps (for handicapped and strollers) up to the big hill in the final mile.

In the end, we took about five recovery breaks including two on the ramp/hill section at the end, one restroom stop (paused my watch for this one) and one longer recovery at the beginning because the road slopes down pretty significantly and I'm still avoiding running downhill for the most part.

Although the finish time wasn't my fastest lately, I did spend more chunks of time running and that is the most important thing for me right now.

After watching some hockey and having breakfast, we headed to the beach with our paddles. SUP works a lot of muscles at one time: back, shoulders, arms, abs. We paddled for about an hour, going out and back twice. Using Mapmyrun, I estimate that we paddled a little over a mile.

The combined cardio and strength workouts really wore me out ---> which means it was a really good day.

I love getting mail and today my BAMRbands order arrived. I love that they can be shipped to me in Hong Kong. I can't wait until my next workout when I can sport one of these.

To cool down after the beach, I made us berry delicious smoothies. This is seriously the best way to lower my body temperature and the added protein (Bob's Red Mill is my favorite) makes it a good recovery beverage too.

Do you ever double up different types of workouts?
Do you add protein to your smoothies?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life Between the Workouts

Yesterday, I started off the week by burning a ton of calories at Bodystep. This was my last class for a few weeks because our instructor is off to Australia (her home) and she is the only one who does Bodystep. I'm going to miss this class while she is gone.

Today, my workout of the day was foam rolling. It still hurts, but I do think I'm making progress. My foam roller is the flat kind. I don't know how anyone uses the type that looks like a torture device.

Here's a look at the rest of my day.

I had a meeting in Central, so I took the ferry over a little early to do some shopping. This is the ferry arriving at the terminal.

Victoria Harbour is full of amphibious traffic of all shapes and sizes. Today I saw a large ship pier-side, several other ferries from the mainland and outlying islands like ours, and a small fishing boat.

Spring weather lately - rainy

I had three items on my shopping list: a dress, a pair of walking shoes, and a blender. I was looking for a new dress to wear to an event tomorrow night. I have a dress, but just thought I would see what was out there. I found this really cute dress at Reiss, but I couldn't convince myself to splurge that much. No new dress for me.

I had just enough time to stop in ECCO before my meeting. I slipped on a pair of the Osans and a few minutes later I walked out wearing them. They are super comfortable.

Work meetings in public places. This is a very normal thing for a lot of people, but in my previous non-expat life, I was confined to my classroom and high school building most days ---> meaning (not counting days I might have slipped outside at lunch for a walk or run) 184 days in the building. This meeting is not for my job, but for a volunteer coordinator position that I am taking over within the American Women's Association to provide support to visiting US Naval Ships.

mrC met me after my meeting and we went to see the chiropractor together. We both needed an adjustment and I've been having a little trouble with my shoulder. The chiropractor thinks I've injured my rotator cuff.

Lulu, the chiropractor's dog likes to keep patients company

After our visit with the chiropractor, we popped into Wing On, a Hong Kong department store, shopped the blenders and found a winner. We've had our current single serve low-power blender for two years and it was time to upgrade. 

On our way to catch the ferry back to Discovery Bay, we grabbed a few things from City Super for a late lunch ---> which we ate on the ferry. I love their crab cakes.

Unpacking at the apartment, I found this spoon taped to a bag of chips. The cashier at City Super must have thought I'd need it for the yogurt I bought. Wasn't that sweet?

For dinner, I made smoothies with the new blender! Wow what a difference a few hundred watts makes. 

In the morning I'm hoping the rain has moved on so that I can get out for a run and meet a friend for some SUP.

Do you ever have work meetings in public places?
Smoothies for dinner? Yes or no?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Workout Recap, But First

Today I took a well-deserved rest day. I had a good workout week, so today was all about giving my body a break. I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly again for the Weekly Wrap, but first...

First, I want to tell you about the food we had today.

Hello, gluten free pancakes! mrC and I watched playoff hockey and then had brunch. These Bob's Red Mill pancakes were so good. Even though I would love to eat just carbs, we did have eggs too.

mrC had to run to the airport for a bit, and while he was gone I hit up the foam roller. I've been working this into my daily routine and focusing on rolling slowly to make it count. The slower I roll, the more tight spots I find compared to when I roll too fast. There may have been a few shrieks during today's session.

For linner (or whatever you call late lunch/ early dinner), we made homemade pizza. I found Udi's gluten free pizza crust on my last grocery trip and we still had some LaRosa's pizza sauce left over from my BFF's surprise birthday box. In about 10 minutes we had two personal sized yummy cheese pizzas. I like just cheese, but mrC is already planning the toppings on his next pizza ---> pineapple, mushroom and onion.

If you came for the weekly wrap, here you go:

Monday - I'm going to call this an active rest day. I walked to the plaza for groceries and I cleaned and conditioned our wood floors ---> it felt like a full body workout.

Tuesday - Ran a 5K with longer intervals

Wednesday - Po Toi Island tour with the American Women's Association to celebrate a very important birthday.

Thursday - Core strength workout that you might have seen on Instagram and running errands in the rain.

Friday - Burned off a ton of calories in Bodystep class. It was hot. It was tough, I loved it.

Saturday - A double workout with some hills and a little time on the water.

Sunday - rest day

What toppings do you like on your pizza?
How do you spend your rest days?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sweaty Saturday, Funny Stuff and a BIG Challenge

Welcome to April!

Since I've been running A LOT more lately, it feels appropriate to talk about my stats up until now.

January - 3 runs 4.30 miles

February - 4 runs 9.80 miles

March - 8 runs 27.18 miles

Whoa, March! I like the way you look!!

I'm starting April feeling positive and healthy and I'm super excited to find a 5K to enter sometime soon. Oh, and I ran today.

Today's run was fantabulous! I finally got to run on a sunny day and I ran more than 4 miles ---> 4.73 to be exact. My longest run in 2017.

I ran the same route that I did with mrC a couple days ago, except today I also did an out and back on the promenade. My intervals were the same 90:60 seconds run/walk and everything felt really good. I think I'm going to stick with this interval for another week before increasing the run time again.

A funny thing happened in the beginning of my run. My phone rang. It was mrC calling from Thailand and since we hadn't spoken since yesterday, I had to answer. I love FaceTime. If you have it, feel free to call me 😍

After my run I did my 5 essential stretches for happy legs. I must not have stayed in my glute stretch long enough after Bodystep class yesterday because my butt was really sore when I got up this morning and it's only gotten worse since my run.

I'm really happy with today's run. The only thing that could have made it better is a running partner.

If you've followed this blog for more than a couple of years (first a BIG thank you for that!), then you know that I loved running with my dog, Booney. And boy, did he like to run, too.

I saw this on Twitter today and it made me think of him. He would have loved his own pair of running shoes. It's so nice of Brooks to think of our furry running buddies, don't you think?

In other (serious) news, I'm thinking of doing a burpee challenge. 30 burpees a day for 30 days. Seriously. This is not a joke. Want to join me??? I'm going to start on Monday. I could probably start today, but then I might be ahead of you. ;) 

I made a calendar that you can download to mark off each day you do your 30 burpees with me. We should probably have a hashtag because all challenges have one. So share your progress with me on Instagram or Twitter and tag me @runningescapade #30for30burpees ---> I promise to cheer you on.

I'm also doing 30 days of April yoga with Adriene and her awesome videos. You can find all the details on this website or just go right to the video playlist here.

Here's a glimpse of day 1: 58 minutes of Shakti Power Flow. This is goddess pose near the end of the session and my quads were SCREAMING! I'm pretty sure my arms/hands are wrong because I couldn't hear over the pain in my legs, haha.

April is going to be a fun month, right?

Do you like April Fool's Day jokes?
What are your sweaty Saturday plans?
Goals/plans for April?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Interval Running and a Race Entry Giveaway!!

Hello, hello, hello my fellow runners!

I'm happily writing this post because I just finished another interval run and I have a great race entry giveaway for you! (you can skip to the end of the post for giveaway details)

Lately I have been testing my knee a little more, although still slowly, using the walk/run method that my PT introduced to me during my rehab after my last surgery. My method is completely low intensity and focuses on increasing my run time without putting too much strain on my knee.

When I first started doing intervals I was doing one per week along the promenade because it's flat and it looked like this: run 20 seconds, walk 20 seconds, x 20

After a couple of weeks of running that interval without pain during or after, I bumped up the run time and the number of intervals: to 25 to 30 to 40 seconds x 25.

Once I was up to 30 seconds of running, I decided to try running around my neighborhood instead of just back and forth on the promenade. I picked a route that has a gradual downhill because my knee feels funny just walking downhill. I recruited mrC to go with me and we ran a nice easy interval loop together.

Today I added another run day to my schedule. I'm going to see how my knee feels doing two interval runs per week.

It's been so awesome getting out, even if just making little adjustments to the same loop, to see where I live and share #whereIrun with you.

I even had a sunrise run!

It's a far cry from the half marathons I used to run, but I AM RUNNING. That is the most important thing to me right now. And I can follow all my running friends who are running races.

Speaking of races, the good people from the Utah Valley Marathon reached out to me about running their famously scenic race in June.

I would love to run this race for a number of reasons:
1. The Utah Valley Marathon was named a TOP 10 race in America by Runner's World in 2014
2. They are giving out a nice race jacket instead of a shirt in 2017 due to this being the 10 year anniversary
3. It's a super fast downhill course ---> for all you BQ chasers!
4. They have very large race medals

I can't run in any of their events because a) my knee - no more long distance for me and b) I live in Hong Kong now. But they did say that I could share two free race entries with my Running Escapades friends!

There will be TWO WINNERS. Each winner will receive a promo code for a free entry in the 2017 Utah Valley Marathon event of his/her choice. Winners will be randomly selected on March 3, 2017.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me WHY you want to #runuv (run Utah Valley). 

For extra chances, leave a comment telling me if you shared this post. If you shared more than once, tell me that too.

Did I mention that they have A LOT of events besides the marathon? Run with your kids or run with your dog! Check out the race website for all the details.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Struggle Is Real: 5 Ways to Overcome Low Motivation

I have goals for myself. Lots of them.





Simple Hydration bottle on sale here!

My goals might sound familiar to you. And, maybe you struggle to stay motivated too. It's not easy to do everything we want and deal with every day life at the same time. Sometimes I'm too busy. Other times I'm tired. Many times I'm just lazy. The struggle is real.

Here are five things I do to stay on track:

Join challenges - I LOVE challenges! I'm far better at completing my planks or doing yoga if I sign up for a challenge, especially one that is on social media. When I see other people posting about the challenge, it motivates me not to skip the day. I'm never too tired or busy to scroll my Instagram ;)

Plan ahead - food prep saves me from making bad food choices especially when I'm too tired to cook. If I have healthy snack choices at my finger tips, I'm less likely to grab a bag a chips and devour them. Smart Popcorn is my biggest weakness!

Schedule workouts - I literally write it on the calendar. If I plan my workouts like an appointment, chances are greater that I will follow through. I used to schedule running meet ups, now I plan out hikes, SurfSet, sprints.

Do it first - As soon as I wake up, I put on my workout clothes and then I workout before I do anything else. Sometimes my workout is in the living room and sometimes I'm waiting for the gym to open. I'm just more likely to do my workout in the morning.

Reward myself! - Yes! Bribery still works at 45, haha. Seriously though, having something to look forward to helps sometimes. I keep a WISHLIST board on Pinterest so that I can pick something out if I reach my goal.

Today's Workout:

Once again I headed out to the fitness center as soon as it was open and I did another sprint workout on the elliptical.

Sprints - 15x, 20 seconds work, 20 seconds recover ---> ready to bump up my sets to 20!
Planks - 2x, 30 seconds each forearm, right and left sides
Bridges - 30 second hold, 20 single leg lifts x2, 30 second hold

Weekend mornings at the fitness center are peaceful. There are only a couple other people there compared to weekday mornings when almost every machine is taken.

On my way to the fitness center, I made a drop in the letter box. I love mailing Christmas cards. Here in Discovery Bay it is so much easier to send and get mail (hint, hint!!). I don't usually get them out this early, but they have a long way to go to the USA!

Sidenote - another thing I struggle with living here is getting my groceries home (when mrC is working). There's no loading up the car and pulling into the garage anymore. There is a delivery service, like in China, but I haven't set it up yet. So, that means carrying the bag(s). Today I found myself doing some elevator yoga to balance the weight of the bag.

What keeps you motivated?
When do you mail your cards?
Do you use a grocery delivery service?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Low Impact Activities Give Me Balance

A morning walk after a few days of HIIT workouts felt pretty good, especially with views like this. I walked the hilly route yesterday for my low intensity sustained state workout and enjoyed every step.

When I got back, I spent some time outside with my SIL's dog. I'm trying to teach her how to take selfies like Booney. She's a little camera shy.

It was so nice outside that I decided to do some backyard yoga. Earlier in the week, the weather forecast said it was going to be grey and rainy all week. I wasn't going to spend an extra second inside if I could help it!

My look: tank and pants and flip flops

My backyard yoga flow focused on poses that give me a good stretch and open up my hips and shoulders. Then I did some poses that are challenging to me. They challenge my flexibility and my balance. My left heel is still bothering me (so I have to say on my toes), but I can still move through my go-to yoga sequence without much pain.

Not wanting to go inside, I helped my SIL out by watering the new lawn. It's amazing how fast the grass is coming in.


Yesterday was the kind of morning that runners wait all summer for. I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss it. I found myself thinking about it a lot on my walk yesterday. But I've also come to really enjoy taking walks and I do a lot more yoga than I ever did pre-knee issues. Walking and yoga give me a feeling of balance that I think was missing from my fitness before.

Balance: An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Stability of one's mind or feelings. 

My workouts ---> high intensity and low intensity combined make me feel balanced both physically and mentally. During HIIT workouts I'm in the go, go, go frame of mind and pushing my body to its max. There's no room for reflection. Even when I was running, I was always thinking more about the distance, the time, my body. LISS workouts let my mind and body rest. I'm able to connect with myself more emotionally. I feel more aware and STABLE doing both types of workouts.

Speaking of awareness...October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm joining up with FitApproach and AfterShokz to get #AwareWithPink and I challenge you to join in too!

Until October 31st, AfterShokz is donating 25% of proceeds of every unit sold on to Bright Pink, a nonprofit organization specializing in breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education. AND every time #AwareWithPink is used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, AfterShokz is donating an additional 25 cents to Bright Pink! So get to hashtagging, sweeties!

All month long you can help spread the #AwareWithPink message. Follow FitApproach on Instagram and Twitter and look for the weekly prompts every Wednesday and Friday and help raise BCA awareness.

How do you find balance?
How will you challenge yourself to raise BCA?