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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Run and SUP for a Full Body Workout

Some days I want to run and some days I want to SUP. Instead of choosing, today I followed up my run with a paddling session and got the best of both worlds!

mrC was home, so I took him on my 5K run route. I set my interval timer to 2:1, but modified as we ran like my last couple of runs. We also modified the route a little by cutting through the park and then taking the ramps (for handicapped and strollers) up to the big hill in the final mile.

In the end, we took about five recovery breaks including two on the ramp/hill section at the end, one restroom stop (paused my watch for this one) and one longer recovery at the beginning because the road slopes down pretty significantly and I'm still avoiding running downhill for the most part.

Although the finish time wasn't my fastest lately, I did spend more chunks of time running and that is the most important thing for me right now.

After watching some hockey and having breakfast, we headed to the beach with our paddles. SUP works a lot of muscles at one time: back, shoulders, arms, abs. We paddled for about an hour, going out and back twice. Using Mapmyrun, I estimate that we paddled a little over a mile.

The combined cardio and strength workouts really wore me out ---> which means it was a really good day.

I love getting mail and today my BAMRbands order arrived. I love that they can be shipped to me in Hong Kong. I can't wait until my next workout when I can sport one of these.

To cool down after the beach, I made us berry delicious smoothies. This is seriously the best way to lower my body temperature and the added protein (Bob's Red Mill is my favorite) makes it a good recovery beverage too.

Do you ever double up different types of workouts?
Do you add protein to your smoothies?

I'm linking up with Annmarie, Nicole and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday!!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Running Feels Good + Random Discounts I Found on Twitter

After a day of not doing much beyond going to a meeting and walking around Central, it felt good to get up and run today. On Sunday I increased my intervals to 90:60 seconds run:walk and everything went smoothly, so I did the same today. I also switched up my route and brought mrC with me.

We live in the middle of the two main parts of Discovery Bay. We walked down the big hill from our apartment (we'll call it a warmup) and as soon as it was flat enough (my knee is not fond of downhills and this is a really big one), we started running intervals.

For the first time, I ran along the beach. I've been watching other runners do this since we moved here in November and it made me so happy to finally join the party. I imagine that one day I might be able to end my run at the beach and jump in to cool off. That would be fun!

Chatting with a friend who happened to walk by

While I ran, I thought about how awesome it felt. I was relaxed, well about 80% relaxed, but that's HUGE. It's been a long time since I was able to relax and not think about every single step I was making. It was nice to be able to just let my mind wander. I found myself thinking of all the ways my run felt good.

It felt good --->

to get up and run
to say I'm going for a run
to plan new running routes
to aim for longer distances
to enjoy running more often
to be drenched in post run sweat

When you're a runner, you are always on the lookout for deals and sales, am I right? For you ---> Random discounts I found on Twitter:

Oh, and can't forget my own!

Fill in the blank: the last time I ran, it felt good  _____________

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shred Day 3: Leg Workout, Probiotics + Fitspo from Female Olympic Athletes

Workout Wednesday was all about the lower body and leg machines.

After a quick 10 minute warm up on the treadmill, I was working on my quads, hamstrings, and glutes. I hardly ever use the leg machines at the fitness center (mostly because I don't really know how), but I was excited to try something new today.

I was a little worried about how my knee would feel doing all the leg exercises, but so far so good. No problems during the 10 minute cool down on the elliptical either.

This afternoon I joined a Just Thrive Probiotics webinar to learn more about how probiotics help with weight maintenance and a having a happy gut. mrC and I are going to order a one month supply to try and I will let you know what we think. Here's a two minute video from the Just Thrive website.

My feast day meals (it's not easy to hit my goals!):

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, veggie crumble (which I think was just a cut up veggie burger), coffee and two pieces of pb&j toast in the room.
The entire hotel world came to breakfast today. Not fun, but the veggie crumble was really good.

Lunch: cheeseburger, salad, diet dew (forgot to take photo!)

Snack: pb&j apple cinnamon rice cakes

Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise, water 
Another photo fail, but on a side note, mrC and I enjoyed the walk to the restaurant and dining outside.

Dessert: ice cream sandwich
I saw these in the hotel market and have been waiting for feast day to have one.

Macros: Under, under, under, over. Yikes! I might have to give up peanut butter to get control of my fats :( I was hoping to consume some serious fruit at breakfast but the buffet was lacking. At lest I feel like I ate a lot heading into my first fast.

How about some FITSPO (fitness inspiration) before I sign off?

NEVER GIVE UP! There are so many amazing examples of this in the Summer Olympics. Have you been watching?

First 1500m medal for USA

Do you use machines for strength workouts? Have a favorite?
Have you ever taken probiotics? What do you think?
Favorite Olympics moment?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Workout Wednesday by the Numbers

Let me start by saying that my knee is feeling good after yesterday's interval treadmill run. No delayed pain or swelling as has happened in the past. Yay!

Today I'd thought I play with numbers.

3 - number of workouts I did today 

10 - minutes burning my inner thighs doing the Pop Sugar video

47 - degrees (F): the temperature when I went outside this morning

6, 374 - steps I took walking to chiropractor and back

2 - number of buses it took to get to Decathlon. The first one was not the right one, oops! 

1 - pair of new swim goggles purchased

30 - minutes = length of today's yoga practice

5 - number of Yoga Camp videos completed so far

¥50 - (or $7.60) cost of one hour Zumba class

342 - calories burned during class (according to my Fitbit - another reason I want an Apple Watch!)

Play along! Tell me something, by the numbers :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Trying Something New: Pilates

Today I tried something new. I took a Pilates class at the yoga center. I heard it's a great cross training option for runners.

photo Yogalife

I should start by saying it's lucky that I got in because despite showing up a little early to check in for the class, I forgot my YogaLife card. The friendly attendant who speaks only Chinese waved me in, I think because she remembered me.

With the help of a kind French woman named Virginia, I found room #1 and grabbed a mat by the windows. We chatted about our mutual lack of flexibility and she told me about some other Yoga classes.

And then the sweating commenced.

The 60 minute class was a combination of yoga poses and core exercises. Our instructor, Candy, led the class in both Chinese and English which I really liked. I think I will learn how to say right and left in Chinese very quickly!

Unlike Hatha Yoga on Saturday, I was able to do almost all of the work today. I am looking forward to seeing my flexibility and balance improve over the weeks as I take both classes.

Daily planking: It was free choice day for the challenge, so I'm counting all the planking I did in Pilates today.

Have you seen this? Oiselle is starting a reading club for runners! I've already read the book (it's really good) and am loving this idea.

Have you taken Pilates? 
Do you have a favorite book about running/fitness?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pesky Trigger Points

Last night I discovered a nasty knot right near my left (crabby) knee.

It was Taco Tuesday at Coyote's, our favorite Mexican restaurant here in Shenzhen, so we walked to dinner. My legs and feet were a little achey after we returned, probably from those 5 miles on the treadmill.

I grabbed some lotion and gave myself a self-massage. For someone who foam rolls (almost) every damn day, how do I end up with a knot that feels like the size of a golf ball? Well, for starters that inner part of my quad is seriously tender. I might not spend enough time there since it makes me want to cry.

If I were back home, I would call Dr. Brian for a little Active Release Therapy or Graston to release that bugger. Instead I turned to Dr. Google.

Here's what I found:

1. That muscle is called Vastus Medialis.

2. It's not a knot (haha). There is a trigger point RIGHT there.

3. Catching yourself mid-slip/fall can overload the quad (as a whole) and activate the trigger point. That may be what happened to me. I slipped and fell on a run a couple of weeks ago.

4. Running is a common cause for overloading this muscle too.

5. Treating trigger points can be done at home (yay!) by locating the spot and then applying pressure for 10-60 seconds.

In my research I also read that an active VM trigger point could cause knee pain. Hmmm. After a few minutes of self massage last night, my cranky knee is feeling better.

Crossing my fingers that this is the cause and I can go back to swimming laps.

Today's workout:

Strength training: in the apartment. stability ball workout, ninja ab workout, and this PopSugar plank workout that showed up in my inbox this morning. Note: I modified the circuit to 10 reps. Repeat 2x.

Cross training: a little bike ride around the 'hood and an evening walk with mrC.

Tomorrow the weather is looking questionable: 80% chance of rain/thunderstorms. I'm either going on another sight-seeing trip with friends or biking it to the fitness center for another treadmill workout.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Done Before Noon and A New Favorite Snack!

I might have mentioned that it gets really hot in Shenzhen. Lately by noon it feels like 100 degrees or more! I had already adapted to the idea that between 1:00-4:00 people stay inside, but now I'm thinking noon might be a better start time.

Here's what I managed before noon today:

I saw my stability ball just sitting there this morning. So I made up a stability ball workout to do while waiting for the USA vs GER World Cup game to start ----> by the way, how awesome was that win??

After the game I rode the bike to the Hilton for a treadmill run and strength workout. I love that I have my own little parking area.

The Run: planned to do the usual 30 minutes, but I found my groove during mile 3 after my music shuffled to the oldie "Rompe" by Daddy Yankee. Kept it going for 40 and 4.3 miles. Thinking about miles, I ran 31 miles in June, so my July goal is to to beat that.

The Strength: focused on arms: chest press, lateral pull, seated row, medicine ball squat toss, and reclining crunches. SIDENOTE: I did not grunt at all during my strength exercises. Why do men grunt LOUDLY?

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery shop for a few items including BBQ sauce for my crockpot chicken dinner.

By noon, I was back at home and quickly made some turkey roll-ups for a FaceTime lunch date with mrC. I'm so happy that he comes home tomorrow!

I'm fairly certain that Popchips are my new favorite snack ---> and yes, I AM hugging an empty bag...but I promise that I did not eat them ALL today (even though I could!).

I'm going to spend a little time this afternoon reading the new book I downloaded: Luckiest Girl Alive. They say it's as good as Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and I loved both of those.

Do you grunt when you workout?
What is your favorite snack?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finding Fitness at the Beach

One thing I have been able to do a lot of here in Dubai is walk.

On our sightseeing adventures there are endless sidewalks and the public beaches are lined with boardwalks.

On top of that, there are kilometers and kilometers of jogging paths (going with the UAE language here) including along the beaches.

I was completely impressed with the miles of rubbery running paths and then we we found the outdoor gyms. These stations are placed up and down the beach along the boardwalk and are free to use. I love a good outdoor workout.

Love the directions provided at each station.

But wait, there's more! On our last outing we found an outdoor gym that mrC said was similar to Venice Beach (never been there so I wouldn't know). Next to it was a small storage with bikes used during spin class. This outdoor gym is better than Venice Beach because there is staff to help people. You can read more about it here.

Do your parks/beaches have workout equipment?
Would you use an outdoor gym?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skulpt Aim: Getting Started

I was selected to use and review Skulpt Aim, a fitness tracker that measures body fat and muscle quality instead of activities, through my affiliation with Raynforest.

The Skulpt Aim is a device that replaces the pinching tool used to measure body fat by sending a small electrical signal through your skin. The current changes speed as it moves through skin, fat, and muscle.

What's in the box:

The Skulpt Aim comes with a base charger, usb cord, small water bottle, and convenient storage bag.

Getting started:

After charging the device for a couple of hours and downloading the Skulpt app on my iPhone, it was time to take measurements. The device, app, and website all provide thorough instructions (with video) for how to take measurements. You can go step-by-step through all of your muscles or you can opt to focus on just the ones you want.

I would recommend getting someone to help you take the measurements. Doing it on your own like I did can be a little awkward. It's hard to reach your backside without creating tension. Also, the sensors must be sprayed after each reading, so I stood on a bath towel, but you could also spray over a sink.

My Results: the Before

Skulpt Aim rates your muscles according to five categories which are also color coded:

red = needs work
orange = average
yellow = fit
green = athletic
white = skulpted

My overall total body fat is 27.2% putting me in the needs work category (eek!). I took a screen shot of the individual muscle numbers.

My actual results from Skulpt Aim app

My plan:

Basically I am going to work on every area that is red! Seriously. I will be continuing the PT leg exercises that Dr. Bri gave me with added weight and adding an arm workout to my running days. Something like this:

found on Pinterest

My goals:

Every week, I will attempt to take new measurements and hopefully see improvements in my muscles. I don't have a lot of meat on my bones, but what I do have isn't exactly filet mignon, you know? While I don't want to become a body builder, I would like to tone up and fall into the fit range.

Do you track your body fat and/or muscle quality?

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hosted by Diatta, Sheila, Amanda and Heather

Disclosure: I was sent a Skulpt Aim for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Living with #NoExcuses

If you live in the Northeast like me, then you are probably reading this in your snow boots. Goodbye Juno!

Living in New England sometimes means that snow days look like this:

Living with #NoExcuses means that little things like a snow storm, knee surgery, work or whatever excuse I might be tempted to use won't prevent me from getting in a workout. It means that being active and staying fit is a priority. I have at least 10 minutes every day to make fitness happen.

Join the challenge!

Since almost every major storm is accompanied by a power outage, mrC and I decided to be proactive and checked into a hotel before the snow accumulated locking us in our house. We were lucky enough to get into the same hotel that I used over Thanksgiving, which has a pretty good fitness center and pool.

I was determined to not spend the entire snow day just sitting around.

Here are my #NoExcuses snow day workouts:

#tightercore day 4

PT mashup
wall sit - reverse slider lunges (I even got mrC in on the fun)
- single leg dead lifts - single leg dips

10 laps in the pool and 15 minutes in the hot tub
(on a side note: the hot tub worked wonders on my tight hip)
Note to self: get hot tub asap!

a couple of dog walks

Hotels often have breakfast buffets, but you never know if it will be gluten-free friendly. Knowing that we would have access to a mini-fridge and microwave, we brought some food staples with us.

Here are my snow day paper plate eats:

PB&J apple cinnamon rice cakes

turkey and cheese roll ups

gluten-free pizza

I live #NoExcuses so I can be the best me for myself and my family.

Why do you live with #NoExcuses?

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This post is part of the Workout Wednesday link up hosted by 
Diatta, Sheila, Amanda and Heather