Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shred Day 3: Leg Workout, Probiotics + Fitspo from Female Olympic Athletes

Workout Wednesday was all about the lower body and leg machines.

After a quick 10 minute warm up on the treadmill, I was working on my quads, hamstrings, and glutes. I hardly ever use the leg machines at the fitness center (mostly because I don't really know how), but I was excited to try something new today.

I was a little worried about how my knee would feel doing all the leg exercises, but so far so good. No problems during the 10 minute cool down on the elliptical either.

This afternoon I joined a Just Thrive Probiotics webinar to learn more about how probiotics help with weight maintenance and a having a happy gut. mrC and I are going to order a one month supply to try and I will let you know what we think. Here's a two minute video from the Just Thrive website.

My feast day meals (it's not easy to hit my goals!):

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, veggie crumble (which I think was just a cut up veggie burger), coffee and two pieces of pb&j toast in the room.
The entire hotel world came to breakfast today. Not fun, but the veggie crumble was really good.

Lunch: cheeseburger, salad, diet dew (forgot to take photo!)

Snack: pb&j apple cinnamon rice cakes

Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise, water 
Another photo fail, but on a side note, mrC and I enjoyed the walk to the restaurant and dining outside.

Dessert: ice cream sandwich
I saw these in the hotel market and have been waiting for feast day to have one.

Macros: Under, under, under, over. Yikes! I might have to give up peanut butter to get control of my fats :( I was hoping to consume some serious fruit at breakfast but the buffet was lacking. At lest I feel like I ate a lot heading into my first fast.

How about some FITSPO (fitness inspiration) before I sign off?

NEVER GIVE UP! There are so many amazing examples of this in the Summer Olympics. Have you been watching?

First 1500m medal for USA

Do you use machines for strength workouts? Have a favorite?
Have you ever taken probiotics? What do you think?
Favorite Olympics moment?

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