Monday, August 1, 2016

Things I love About Monday

Do you love being given gifts first thing in the morning? Me too! Today mrC and I received our birthday gifts from the kids. In addition to some dry shampoo and lip gloss, I love my bracelet from Kiel James Patrick.

After running some errands with the girls, mrC, oldestC and I went on a bike ride. We had to get out and enjoy the blue sky. I love being active together.

We explored the area of New Silver Beach. I love riding through Cape neighborhoods and looking at all the beautiful homes. They have some prime swimming areas with great views.

We rode all the way to the end of Bay Shore Drive and enjoyed the view of Wild Harbor. I love capturing moments like this.

After dinner we walked to our beach, Old Silver Beach, to catch the sunset. It was a little cloudy, but there were still amazing colors in the sky. I love this part of being at the Cape.

Always multitasking, littleC gave me a quick lesson on using SnapChat. I love my time with the kids.

What did you love about your Monday?

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