Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shred Day 16 & 17: Resistance Training Workout & BFF Time

I have to brag a little more about the at home resistance training program that I'm loving. Yesterday I had a lower body strength workout to do, but no gym. Luckily my mom bought the system that I used last week and have been talking about ever since (I must have really been talking it up!).

I took a couple of pictures to show how I used the bands for my workout.

Modified "weighted" plie squats with arms straight and then pull your arms down as you stand up.

Side lunges with adduction resistance.

What I'm wearing trekkie joggers

Hamstring curls.

It was really easy to do all the exercises, so I did not feel like I was missing out by not having access to a gym. I also found this website that shows more ways to use over the door resistance bands for lower body exercises.

I drove to Columbus to see my BFF and her family. It was a short, but sweet visit. We had a few hours to chat and catch up in person, enjoy a dinner off the grill prepared by her husband and I got to see her daughter play at soccer practice.

Today I drove back to mom's and spent the day doing laundry and getting my suitcase organized for my return to Montreal tomorrow morning. These two weeks have flown by.



Lunch ---> yep, I skipped it unless peanut m&ms count


Breakfast ---> same meal, different day ;)

Lunch ---> I actually didn't eat the celery and hummus. I started to, but it tasted funny. Not bad, just funny.

Dinner ---> last night in Cincy = LaRosa's hoagy (my mom's idea!)

What training equipment are you loving right now?
Are you near/far to your BFF?

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