Thursday, September 1, 2016

Shred Day 18: No Sprints But I Killed My Macros and Why You Should Wear Yellow on Saturday!

It was another travel day for me as I made my way back to Montreal to hang out with mrC while he finishes up his new plane training.

I usually do my low carb day sprints workout first thing in the morning, but I had an early flight and left my mom's before the sun came up. Then I took a ride on a couple of these.

When I travel alone, I use my time at the airports to recharge a little. I like to read. I picked up this book on my last travel day and it is really, really good. 

If I have a good layover, I like to sit in massage chairs and get massages. My back gets so tense when I have to drive myself to the airport and then sitting in airplanes just doesn't help. The girl who worked on me in Philadelphia really tried to break up my knots. I was loosey-goosey afterwards.

mrC surprised me with some very pretty flowers at the hotel. I think he missed me. I know I missed him.

I had big plans to do my sprints workout when I got to the hotel, but I was starving. Instead we had an early dinner and then took a walk. The weather is perfectly comfy for walking in the low 70s so we did an extra long loop.

So, even though I missed my workout, I killed my low carb day macros. This is probably my best day ever.




Snacks: a serving of peanuts and some celery with hummus


There's a big event on Saturday that I don't want you to miss. I hope you will join if you can. 

It's called Girls Run The World

"On September third, women all over the world are are participating in a day of solidarity to send a message to the unknown perpetrators of recent violence against women runners that we’re not going anywhere. 

There is no specific event - just thousnds of runners taking to the streets that day to show support for our cause. 

On our daily run, we are wearing YELLOW to draw attention to our numbers, to our strength, to our courage, as we hit the streets in celebration of running and to remember Nicolette Brueger, Katrina Vetrano, Vanessa Marcotte and all the other strong, women runners who have faced violence or harassment on the streets.

We ask the guys who want to support us to please year yellow, too! Pass the message on..."

I'm going to try to run and I hope I have something yellow in my suitcase!

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