Friday, September 9, 2016

Shred Day 24 and More Plus Exploring Downtown Montreal

I may be slacking on my blogging, but I'm keeping up with the 30 Day Shred program and keeping busy while mrC finishes up his training.

Let's catch up a little ok?

Day 24: Fast

This was a scheduled rest day but I decided to do some "easy" pool running while doing laundry at the hotel. If you have ever tried to run in a pool, you know that it is not easy and is actually a really good low impact workout. It was also a good excuse to wear the new tankini I picked up on sale at Athleta.

I turned the shallow end of the pool into a loop and did 20 laps (both directions) 3 times. I took a break between each set to check the laundry and let my heart rate come down. It was awesome, but would have been nicer in an outdoor pool like when I was in Florida.

Later, I walked to the nearby mall to get my nails done. Don't pay attention to the time (I forgot to hit pause while at the nail salon), but it's a nice little walk there and back. My BFF gave me a pair of hand-me-down jean shorts when I visited in Ohio and I'm loving how comfy they are. There's a Rockport store in the mall, but they didn't have anything better than the sandals I already love for walking.

WIA: I broke my fast around 2PM (which is pretty typical for me) with a protein shake, rice cakes and a veggie burger. Unfortunately, I overate by the end of night, probably from being too active while trying to fast and because mrC ordered Chinese food.

Day 25: Low Carb

Since starting the carb cycling programs, I've loved low carb days for two reasons: the sprints are a killer workout and I can usually hit my macros pretty easily. I've been loving the sprints even more now that I'm able to run them out. I'm not speedy by any means, but being able to run/walk nearly 2 miles when I thought my running days were over is A-MAZ-ING!!

The workout was the usual 25 sprints using 20 seconds run/20 seconds walk intervals. I did a short walking warm-up and cool down, so most of the distance was from the sprints. I think I was a little faster this time. I wasn't worried about skipping the 30 minute recovery walk because we were going sightseeing again.

It was muggy and gray with a threat of rain (not like our last trip), so we went to downtown Montreal instead of doing the two hour drive to Quebec City like we had planned. We'd been told to check out the Underground City, a perfect place to go on bad weather days. After a quick walk around what is really just a huge mall, we decided to head back above ground and outside.

We had a great time exploring.

Christ Church Cathedral, Phillips Square, and St. James United Church

Museum McCord, Museum of Fine Arts, Archeological Garden

Rue Crescent, Chateau Apartments, Square Dorchester, Montreal construction!,
Clean City Campaign, Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

WIA: I have the easiest time with low carb days, a far cry from where I was when I first started carb cycling. We missed the breakfast buffet at the hotel, so we went to Chez Cora in Saint Laurent for a delicious made to order meal. We picked Dundees in the heart of downtown on Upper Crescent Street, a restaurant and entertainment hotspot, for lunch. Our night ended with a make your own meal in the hotel room.

Day 26: Feast

I was back in the fitness center for another serious strength training session. The 90 minute workout focused on shoulders, shoulders, shoulders, chest, and legs, legs, legs. On top of using heavier weights, this workout was a killer. I took some extra cool down time in the yoga room for stretching and restoring.

WIA: Add two strawberry daiquiris at dinner and my calories for feast day were just above my regular calorie goal. According to my customized IIFYM, I could have eaten more protein but did very well on carbs and fat. No complaints here. I even have room for a snack later!

Have you tried pool running?
Any big plans for the weekend?
How good are you at stretching after a workout?


  1. Montreal looks beautiful! Great job staying on track while you were on vacation. That's so hard to do!

    I did a lot of pool running last spring while training for the Big Sur Marathon. I was sidelined with PF and was determined to make it to the start line (I did). But my pool running was in the dive well--I wore a floatation belt and "jogged" around the perimeter of the pool, without touching the bottom. Completely non-weight bearing, it was a great substitute for running on pavement!

    1. It is a great substitute! So glad it helped get you to the starting line.


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