Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recovery Day: Stretch and Soothe

My sister-in-law's patio area looked like the perfect place to start my recovery day. After yesterday's resistance workout, my muscles needed little TLC.

I took my 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene video outside with me, eager to enjoy the comfortable morning and cozy space.

It didn't take long for the sun to break the tree line and on the first day of autumn, it was so warm! So warm in fact, that I had to take my session inside (I might have been a tad over-dressed) to finish. Today's video was all about stretching and soothing the body by releasing the tightness in the muscles.

What I'm wearing: Athleta Fastest Track Tank and Trekkie Joggers

Even though I was in recovery mode, I still did day 3 of my ab carving plan. I don't know if I should do these before or after yoga. It's like the question of running before strength or strength before running. Does anyone know the answer??

During my foam rolling session I spent extra time on my calf muscles. I've got a spot on my heel that fires up when I stretch, similar to the one I had in my right heel that I think was caused by a knot in my calf. I think the cause of the new knot is the jumping exercises in my lower body resistance workouts. I just want to make it go away.

The rest of the afternoon was spent helping mrC's nephew get on the road to his new home in Charleston, SC. He recently graduated from the Naval Academy and is off to start his on-the-job training.

What I ate today:

Today I started the 30 day probiotics trial that I mentioned here. I'm going to track how I feel (some people see a difference in just a few days) and share the results here on the blog.

Ab carver...before or after yoga?
Do you think I need a massage to help my heel pain?
Are you a probiotics user?


  1. Massage for sure!!!! I use probiotics from time to time... never consistent. Sadly.

    1. That's what I like to hear! Time to find a place ;) I've heard so many positive things about probiotics that I thought I should try them. We'll see!

  2. Oh, that little ab roller things looks cool what is it?

    1. Ab Carver Pro from Perfect Fitness...I won this one, but I think I saw it at Walmart.

  3. I'll be curious what you think of the probiotics. I have heard so much about them, but am on the fence if I should try them as well.


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