Monday, September 19, 2016

A Two Part Workout: HIIT and LISS

The day started off rainy today, so we ran some errands hoping that the rain would pass. While we were out, we picked up a little something to take back to China with us and I'm so excited! It's the same resistance band system that I talked about here.

Today my goal was to do my workout in two parts: HIIT (high intensity interval training) followed by LISS (low intensity sustained state). I read this article and according to Jake Peterson, '"The HIIT style of training is great at breaking up the triglyceride bonds within more stubborn adipose tissue (the hard-to-burn fat), but it is not very effective at metabolizing it out."' LISS workouts are good for that.

Today's workout

Part 1 HIIT: Sweat with Kayla arms and abs resistance workout. This workout was SO HARD! It was wet outside from the rain, so I had to do it indoors and my SIL does not have AC (yikes!), but the exercises were also seriously tough too. The ones that I struggled on were: 15 regular push ups, 4 mountain climbers and 1 push up repeated 15 times, and up down planks - 10 on each side!! It was hard enough to do them just once, but you have to repeat the exercises until the circuit is over. Let's just say there were lots of breaks!

It started raining again, so I killed some time with a post workout smoothie in a brand new smoothie cup. I'm one of the weird people who need to drink smoothies through a straw.

Part 2 LISS: A couple hours later the rain finally stopped so that I could take a 40 minute walk for my LISS workout. My goal was to beat my previous distance, so I focused on keeping up my pace although I did stop to admire one of the first fall leaves. Total distance 2.51 miles (.40 more).

This little girl pretended to be happy to see me when I got back. She's the sweetest.

Do you combine different types of workouts?
Smoothies: straw or no straw?

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