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Sunday, November 11, 2018

How to Prep for Your Workout

Hey everyone! We are just wrapping up Prep Week around here and my new clients have been testing out the workouts. I’m going to be doing my active recovery day workout soon, but…

I thought I’d talk a little bit about how to prep for your workout to get the best experience.

If you are doing a new workout program (like the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®) for the first time, trying to figure everything out in the beginning can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There can be a lot of moving parts and keeping track of it all takes some getting used to. Even if you have been working out on a regular basis, learning a new workout program takes some time.

Here are a few things you can do to prep for your workout to make it go smoothly and so you can get the best experience.

Save the workouts. In FASTer Way to Fat Loss® you receive access to a private portal where all of the workouts are loaded for you. You can print the workouts from your computer, screenshot the workout for each day of the week on your phone, or save the webpage for easy access in your browser. (this is what I do). You will need to look at the workout while you’re doing it, so choose the method that will work best for you. Try them all to see what that is if you need to.

Look ahead. No matter which option you choose to save your workouts, once you do that LOOK AHEAD. First look at the whole week AHEAD of time. Read through the entire week of workouts to make sure you understand the directions. Second the day before, look at the workout for the next day. In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, we link to demo videos, look at those too! Look at everything you can. If you see something that is confusing or you don’t understand -> ask your coach ahead of time. In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® this means posting your question in the daily thread.

Make a plan. When will you work out? Where will you work out? What will you need for the workout, like equipment if you are doing at-home option? What will you want during your workout, like water, a sweat towel, a snack for after -> this is especially useful planning if you are working out at the gym on your lunch break or during your child’s soccer practice.

If you do these things, your workouts will go more smoothly and you will have a better experience. But also remember that if life gets in the way, if the workout is NOT perfect, it’s ok! Remember that it is about progress, not perfection!

I hope you found this information helpful. If you did I’d love for you to leave me a "fist bump" in the comments! 

Registration has officially closed for my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® November round, but you can add your name to my waitlist and reserve your spot in my December round.

You can check out more information on my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® page including FREE guides that you can download and my own FASTer Way to Fat Loss® story.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

7 Up 7 Down Sprints plus Top 3 Reasons to Use Burst Training

When I woke up this morning, I immediately had two thoughts: I'm hungry and I'm sore! These are two messages I don't mind getting from my body. Feeling hungry tells me that my metabolism is working and being sore tells me that I had a good workout (like yesterday).

One of the key parts of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss®️ program is matching workouts to the daily eating plan. Low carb days mean burst training aka HIIT (high intensity interval training) or Tabata followed by LISS (low intensity sustained state) cardio. Burst training causes the body to move fat to be used as energy. LISS cardio prevents the fat from returning to where it came from.

Low Carb Day 2 - the workout

Warm Up - 10+ minutes walking to our workout location.

Speed Bursts - we did 7 Up 7 Down sprints ---> this is a basic pyramid workout of burst training. Using a pre-set distance (like a basketball court) sprint that length 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, taking rest breaks between the bursts. Then work back down.

We found a straightaway on the promenade that doesn't have a lot of pedestrian traffic in the morning and eyeballed a good distance (see orange life ring in photo) for our sprints. This was a quick and dirty workout. It only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was tough. Tough, but good. I love the feeling that comes after finishing a challenging workout.

Top 3 Reasons to Try Burst Training:

1) You don't need any equipment! It can seriously be done anywhere

2) Since you are working at 90-100% effort, the workouts are short

3) Burst training depletes your glycogen which forces your body to burn fat for energy

LISS - 30 minutes of low intensity cardio. We walked back to the apartment. It wasn't quite 30 minutes (we had a hockey game to watch), but we made sure to stay in the fat burning zone.

Low Carb Day 2 - the meals

Broke my fast at 11AM - 3 scrambled eggs and two sausage patties ---> this was not too much food today. Yesterday I thought it was too much, but today I was hungry and I was thinking about the calories that I didn't eat yesterday.

Snack - Chocolate protein shake (best prices on Designer Whey protein on Amazon) and handful of peanuts. Added 1 tbsp almond butter to my shake recipe and it was so good.

Lunch - 4 turkey breast rollups and pb&j rice cake

Snack - nothing ---> I need to find a sweet low carb treat that I can eat as dessert after dinner since I'm not feeling hungry at this time of day.

Dinner - bbq chicken breast and steamed broccoli

I'm excited that I had another solid low carb day and improved my calorie intake (354 remaining).

Do you use burst training?
What are your favorite sweet snacks?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Two Hills, SUP #2 and A Plank Workout

After a stormy yesterday and more rain in the forecast, I was thrilled to find the streets dry when I headed out for my run this morning. It was early and there weren't many people out, but I felt safe running alone because I was wearing my Wearsafe tag (talked about it in this post).

15% off annual service with code RUNNINGESCAPADES

Unlike my last run, the humidity was really low, so I followed my Discovery Bay loop route. This means that I run two big hills, one in the beginning and one to finish the run. The first hill feels the hardest but the actual elevation gain is 119 feet compared to the slightly longer second hill at the end with a gain of 122 feet. In all honesty, both are HARD!

This was my second run using my new interval set of 2 minutes run and 1 minute recover. Sometimes if I knew that a downhill was up ahead, I lengthened my run time so that I could walk the downhill (sounds crazy right?) and keep my knee happy.

I give this run two thumbs up. 1) My knee felt good. This is always my biggest concern. It will never feel the same as it used to, but each run it feels stronger. 2) The temperature was PERFECT! Low humidity is definitely more fun for running. 3) I ran 4.56 miles, yay! I'm really loving these longer runs. 4) Those hills ---> there's still work to do, but today was a pretty good hill day.

After a shower and breakfast I headed out to meet my friend for some SUP. She also recently brought an iSUP board back from the US with her and is joining the DB Ladies SUP group.

We met at the beach and I was so happy to see my board had survived the 90km winds from yesterday's big thunderstorm. It would have been a bummer to only get to use it once.

It was a little chilly and cloudy (it actually started pouring when we were putting the boards away), so I was even more determined not to fall in the water than I was the last time. I only like to get wet when it's warm and sunny!

We're both a little rusty, so we made perfect partners SUPing around the bay, laughing at each other's wobbles, and getting our SUP confidence back. We ended up getting wet anyway since we had to walk to our apartments in the pouring rain ---> next time I'll pack an umbrella just in case.

Planking. I figure I can't be the only person who is on the fence about holding planks for multiple minutes (my PT told me short spurts are better because our form doesn't collapse). Anyway, I thought I would share this pyramid plank workout I made up and that really tested my core.

How often do you switch up your running route?
How do you push yourself up a big hill?
Do you plank for time or mix it up?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our Hong Kong Apartment + A Workout

I'm getting used to living in Hong Kong day by day.

We are settling into our nice, little Seaview apartment and the cleaning, decorating, endless grasping to get things just right is winding down, finally. I'm pretty sure that I spent the first two weeks walking around with my hands full of things that needed a home and mumbling, this place is so small! 

The apartment was originally unfurnished (more common in HK than Shenzhen), but the owner agreed to furnish it for us. Little by little we have blended our few belongings with her choices and then picked out other items to complement and help us get organized.

The main living space is my favorite because it's filled with all my favorite comfort colors (love my blue pillows). It may be small, but the amazing view of Discovery Bay makes it feel much bigger.

It's been challenging at times to figure out how to make small spaces work for us, but it makes me happy to see that we can. I just have to teach mrC to watch where he walks so he doesn't break any toes! This is by far my favorite duvet cover.

We have an awesome window BED in the second bedroom which saves the floor space to be used as the office. It'll be fun when our first guest arrives and sees the sleeping arrangement with a view from the 20th floor.

The kitchen is actually pretty spacious. We even have a dishwasher! There's tons of storage, just not a lot of counter space. It's been interesting when mrC and I try cooking together.

It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it looks.

Today's workout:

I think I was the third person to arrive at the fitness center after it opened this morning. I went early because it looked like it was going to be a rainy day and I wanted to walk there and back without getting rained on. Success!

Sprints: 15 sets, 20 seconds work, 20 seconds recover
Planks: 2 sets, 30 seconds each forearm and both sides.
Bridges: 2 sets singles leg lifts both sides

Three things that made this workout better:

1) This interval app. I love the versatility that it offers. I created an interval program for my sprints and another for my plank workout. All I have to do is push start and then the app talks me through the workout.

2) These wireless earbuds. They are so easy to link to my phone and then I can hear my music and the interval app commands to work or rest and I'm not bothering anyone else in the gym.

3) This view. Seriously, that is the view from the elliptical when I look to the right (the new ellipticals have a TV attached). I'll show you the view to the left another day ;)

Have you ever rented a furnished apartment/house?
Would you sleep on a window bed?
What's your workout today?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catching Up from Ohio


Time has flown by since my last blog post.

mrC finished his work in Connecticut and we wrapped up our stay in New England with a weekend visit to the girls in Portsmouth, NH.

The weather was great on Saturday for a day of hiking and exploring in Maine with D. We hiked Mount Agamenticus in Ogunquit and had lunch (we brown-bagged yummy sandwiches from Backyard Coffeehouse and Eatery off the main street) at the summit. We stopped to view Cape Neddick Lighthouse and then browsed Stonewall Kitchen in York. Later, back in Portsmouth, we met up with G for dinner. After brunch at Popovers on Sunday, we escaped the rain at the movie theater and watched Girl on the Train (just as good as the book!) and then went out for lunch before saying goodbye to the girls.

We spent one more evening with Booney and mrC's family before flying to Ohio for one more week of work for mrC.

The great thing about mrC working in Ohio is that we can see my family while we are here (we really are blessed that he gets to work in both places when we return to the US). We came to Ohio a couple of days early and spent time in Cincinnati at my mom's. We met up with my aunt at Howl at the Moon downtown and had a blast bowling after a great meal. While mrC works in Columbus, we get to visit with the BFF! We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (little O's choice) and then met up for a free yoga session at the Athleta store the next morning.

After sticking to low intensity workouts (or no workouts 😳) for a couple of weeks, it feels good to use the fitness room here at the hotel for some HIIT cardio on the elliptical and cool down walks on the treadmill. I was feeling a little unmotivated doing the same at-home workouts and getting back on the elliptical is helping bring back my workout HAPPY.

Sprint Workout ---> 10 minute warm up on elliptical, 15 sprints: 20:20 seconds intervals, and 30 minute cool down on treadmill.

The fitness room at the Residence Inn Easton is TINY compared to what we had in Montreal, but it will do the trick while we are here. The room is steps away from the dining room making it super easy to grab some breakfast to-go.

It's a bit rainy here today, but the weekend promises to be beautiful and everything we love: cool temps and sunny, blue skies. It will be our last weekend in the US for about 6 months, so we are trying to soak up everything fall before we leave on Sunday morning.

Do you ever get in a fitness rut and feel unmotivated? How do you break out?
Tell me something you've been up to lately!

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Two Part Workout: HIIT and LISS

The day started off rainy today, so we ran some errands hoping that the rain would pass. While we were out, we picked up a little something to take back to China with us and I'm so excited! It's the same resistance band system that I talked about here.

Today my goal was to do my workout in two parts: HIIT (high intensity interval training) followed by LISS (low intensity sustained state). I read this article and according to Jake Peterson, '"The HIIT style of training is great at breaking up the triglyceride bonds within more stubborn adipose tissue (the hard-to-burn fat), but it is not very effective at metabolizing it out."' LISS workouts are good for that.

Today's workout

Part 1 HIIT: Sweat with Kayla arms and abs resistance workout. This workout was SO HARD! It was wet outside from the rain, so I had to do it indoors and my SIL does not have AC (yikes!), but the exercises were also seriously tough too. The ones that I struggled on were: 15 regular push ups, 4 mountain climbers and 1 push up repeated 15 times, and up down planks - 10 on each side!! It was hard enough to do them just once, but you have to repeat the exercises until the circuit is over. Let's just say there were lots of breaks!

It started raining again, so I killed some time with a post workout smoothie in a brand new smoothie cup. I'm one of the weird people who need to drink smoothies through a straw.

Part 2 LISS: A couple hours later the rain finally stopped so that I could take a 40 minute walk for my LISS workout. My goal was to beat my previous distance, so I focused on keeping up my pace although I did stop to admire one of the first fall leaves. Total distance 2.51 miles (.40 more).

This little girl pretended to be happy to see me when I got back. She's the sweetest.

Do you combine different types of workouts?
Smoothies: straw or no straw?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shred Day 10: Fasting and Pool Workouts

When I wake up on Fast Day.

Then the goal is to make it to 24 hours before breaking my fast. Today was a perfect day to get some pool time, so I asked my dad to drive me (which sounds really strange given I'm 45 years old!) and he happily his golf cart.

The pool was crowded with pool walkers when I arrived and it was awesome. If I lived here I would totally join the pool walking group. Pool walking is a great low intensity cardio workout. When I wasn't lounging in the chair, I jumped in and joined the locals. I overheard some of the ladies talking about how they walk for 1-2 hours everyday. It's a great way to get in some walking miles without melting in the Florida heat. 

Inspired by all the pool walkers, I made up a pool workout on the spot. Every time I got in the water, I walked across the pool and back (which was probably 60 yards) multiple times. I'm guessing I walked about 2 miles in the pool today, plus a bunch of weightless leg exercises. Here's the workout:

Another bonus to pool time was stretching out my sore muscles in the water. They're telling me today that I hit my go hard workout goal.

My dad and stepmom hosted some friends for dinner at a Peruvian restaurant called Off The Hook. It's fun to see them with their friends and having a good time.

What I Ate:

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Obviously.

Breaking Fast: at about 20 hours, salad, watermelon, 1/2 diet dew

Dinner: popped corn (had a flavor between popcorn and peanuts), seafood chaufa (shrimp and fried rice) ---> it was very good! I ate all the shrimp and some of the rice.

Do you do pool workouts?
Ever tried Peruvian food?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shred Day 9: It's All About Lifting

It was gym day around here today.

My stepmom dropped me off at the fitness center for my feast day workout. After my 10 minute warm up on the treadmill, it was all about the lifting.

I had one goal in mind...GO HARD. My 30 Day Shred coach told us "FEAST day is most effective when you go HARD for the workout."

Today's weights workout was broken into sections: shoulders, chest, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Since I was all about embracing the weights, I challenged myself to grab the next higher weighted dumbbell than I'm used to.

10 pounds for military press

My dad helped me prepare for the workout, so I knew how to do all of the exercises. The upper body workout looked like this:

    • ○  Arm circles for warm up (small, medium, large for 60 seconds each)
    • ○  Military Press: 3 sets of 12­-15 reps 
    • ○  10 to 1s with 5,8, or 10 lb weights
    • ○  Dumbbell front raise or weight plate front raise: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps to failure
    • ○  Bent over lateral raise: 2 sets of 8-­10 reps to failure
    • ○  Face pulls with cable cross: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps to failure
  • ●  CHEST:
    • ○  Dumbbell press: 12­-15 reps with lighter weight for warm up, then two working sets (higher weight) with 8­-10 reps to failure
    • ○  Dumbbell Flies: 12­-15 reps with lighter weight for warm up, then two working sets (higher weight) with 8­-10 reps to failure 
I felt pretty confident doing the upper body portion. My weights ranged from 8-15 pounds and I went for the maximum reps. I loved that although the fitness center is small (considering the size of the community), it does offer a wide range of dumbbells and hand weights.

12 pounds for chest press

My experience on leg machines goes back one whole week (if you don't count ACL rehab 25+ years ago!). Again I did my homework and received a helping hand on the equipment from a couple gentlemen doing their own workouts.

  • ●  QUADS
    • ○  Leg extensions with low weight: 2 sets of 12­-15 reps
    • ○  Squats with Smith Machine or Regular Barbell Squats: 2 sets of 10 reps
    • ○  Goblet Squats with dummbell or kettlebell: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps to failure
    • ○  Leg extensions: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps to failure
    • ○  Leg curl with low weight: 2 sets of 12­-15 reps
    • ○  Dumbbell Romainian Deadlift (bend slightly at the knee, keep back straight, bend
      through the hips, feel it pull through the hamstrings. 2 sets of 12­-15 reps
    • ○  Plie Squats with dumbbell or kettlebell: 2 sets of 12­-15 reps
      ○  Leg curl: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps to failure
  • ● GLUTES:
    • ○  Leg press: 2 sets of 8­-10 reps
    • ○  Use the machine for calf raises in between sets. Straighten your legs and push up with your toes to stimulate your calves. At least 2 sets of 10. 
After two gym workouts, I'm growing to like some of the machines: leg extension, leg curl, and standing calf machine. I still don't know how to use the Smith Machine though (and it looks scary).

My cool down was to walk back to the house. Even though it was all sun and I forgot my shades, it felt good to move my legs after all the lifting.

What I Ate on Feast Day:

Breakfast: polenta with honey, scrambled eggs with ham, coffee

Snack: grapes ---> I'm so loving these red grapes and could eat a whole bag (but that would be rude!)

Lunch: leftover eggs and polenta

Dinner: gluten free pizza

Dessert: gluten free brownie

Do you prep for your workouts?
DO you have a favorite grape? I used to love white, but lately I'm loving the red.