Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Black Cat 10 Miler 2013

Saturday I was back in Salem, Massachusetts for a Black Cat 10 Miler repeat. This race was started in 2010 with the intention of being a Boston Marathon 20 mile training race, but then evolved to offer a 10 miler and relay option too.  Last year I ran it a couple of weeks after completing an awesome sub 2-hour half marathon. This year, I used it as one of my final long training runs for my next half marathon.

Getting to the race meant an early wake up and departure because it was about 70 minutes away and it started at 8AM. At the race site we quickly picked up our race bibs and shirts, hit the restrooms, and then stayed warm inside while listening to the DJ'd music.

We spent a little more time at the start line than I would have liked since it was only 30 degrees and the sun wasn't strong enough to provide much warmth. I was wearing a new pair of Nike thermal running pants, but I still got the shivers. I knew once we got going I would be fine though.

As usual I went out faster than I would have liked. Since the first mile or so was mostly flat, I didn't worry too much about my pace. I knew we would hit the most challenging hill on the course heading into Marblehead around mile 2.5, so I slowed down even though I wanted to keep up with Daisy. When I hit the turn around, I saw her heading to the port-a-potties, so I stopped to blow my nose. She was having issues with her running top, so I went on ahead of her.

Turn around at Devereux Beach

My first half splits:

Mile 1    833
Mile 2    839
Mile 3    901
Mile 4    837
Mile 5    851

After the turn around, my early morning departure started to catch up to me. I did not have my normal pre-run breakfast and my gas tank was running on low. My Simple Hydration Water Bottle with Cytomax helped boost my energy, but also left my stomach feeling queasy for most of my final miles. In the last mile there were a couple of short climbs that tested me mentally, but I was so ready to be done that I forced myself to push on. 

Official time 1:32:21

Second half splits:

Mile 6    913
Mile 7    909
Mile 8    908
Mile 9    935
Mile 10  858 

This was my third ten-miler and my slowest time, but I chalk that up to my fuel fail. I'm happy with my race pace (officially 914) and my ability to pull it together when I started feeling crappy. I guess you could say that I'm finally learning to listen to my body.

I like this race. It has a horrible start time for runners coming from out of town, but it's a great distance, semi-challenging, has great runner support before, during and after, and gives out a finisher's medal along with an awesome long sleeve shirt. 

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  1. Black Cat looks like a lot of fun! I wish I had known about it when I lived in MA!

  2. Fun! Never heard of it...that being said, I'm so new to the running scene that most races are unknown to me lol

  3. Nice job! This one's on my list for next year :)

  4. Looks like a fun race! Great job and way to pull yourself through:

  5. You did amazing despite your fueling. Nice job!

  6. You still managed really great splits- and you look so strong! Great job!

  7. It is fun. There's a ton of energetic & loud on course support!

  8. My running partner is the one who clues me in ;)

  9. Yes! Along with a blogger meet up maybe?

  10. Thanks Sarah. We need to figure out when you can get your MR hoodie!

  11. I was steps from the finish & saw my husband (he took that pic), so it's more like relief ;)

  12. I love 10 miles races. There is just something about that distance. Challenging but not too long. Nice job on your race!

  13. I've never done this race, but I have done the Salem Wicked Half, which is in September and I believe a similiar course. I loved the early start time - but I totally get why you'd dislike it. Great job, the end is very hilly and you powered through!

  14. My running partner has done that one a couple of times and I hope to one day. Love the name ;)


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