Friday, March 29, 2013

Forced to Retire at 70

I introduced you to my Loyal Hound a couple of years ago when I started writing this blog. Booney has been running with me since he was a pup back in Ohio, but he made his race debut here in New Hampshire at the 2011 My Dogs Are Barking 5K.

For the last few years, Booney has been slowing down on our runs and struggling with anything more than 3 miles. As much as he loves the idea of going for a run, it just isn't the best thing for him anymore. So more times than he would like, he has to wait for us back at the house or next to the treadmill.

Booney turned 70 10 last week, so my husband and I thought it was time to officially announce Booney's retirement. He will still get to join us on short fun runs, but most of his exercise will come from walks, playing in the yard, and swimming!

How far does your running buddy go with you?


  1. Awe sweet Booney, Happy retirement. We recently got a Golden Retriever puppy, Belle, that I'm hoping will be my running partner. Do you have any advice on running with furry family members?

  2. What a sweet running buddy! I'm still learning to run with my German Shepherd - hoping to get a fair number of miles in with him this spring.

  3. So sweet!! Mine loves to run, too...although I haven't worked her up to more than 2 miles!

  4. So cute :) My running buddy has congenital hip issues but that never slows him down. We used to run 6-7 miles max but now he is 7 and is slowing a bit so we stick with 3-4 miles since we had to take the winter off.

  5. What a sweet face! Our bull terrier, Prudence, doesn't have the endurance to go beyond a 5k (she makes the rookie mistake of going out WAY too fast every time!), but our Presa Canario, Matt, loves to run. He can pace himself for about 5 miles when the weather is cool.
    Happy birthday and happy retirement, Booney!

  6. What a wonderful running buddy. Congratulations to him on his retirement!


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