Monday, March 4, 2013

TrainingTruths: Running with the Stars

When people read that a trio of Olympians will be running the NYC Half Marathon in a couple of weeks, they might get nervous. Even me, although I've already met and run with an Olympic Marathoner

This is one of the reasons I find the running community so amazing. Olympic runners, elite runners will line up along side average runners like me to run a race. For a short time, we will all be winners.  

#TrainingTruths: Every runner is a star!

Tuesday: Not even a vacation could interfere with my training to give chase in New York. Although it was a rainy morning in Florida, I still enjoyed a relatively warm run through the green. Not many people ventured out, so I felt like I owned the road.

Wednesday: Since I would be traveling on Thursday and I try to avoid running two days in a row to keep injuries away, I decided to go for a walk. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I loved the easy, relaxed feeling of being on vacation.

Saturday: Used the Black Cat 10 Miler in Salem, MA (through Marblehead - home to Olympian Shalane Flannigan) as our long run. I love when races fit so perfectly into the training plan! This was a pre-fuel fail for me. The 8AM start meant we were out the door at 530 without my traditional pre-run breakfast. Thanks to my Simple Hydration Water Bottle and some Cytomax I was able to manage the energy in my tank for a pretty good finish.

Have you ever met a celebrity runner?
Tell me about your most recent bright moment!


  1. not runner but I SO SO SO RECALL meeting a rock star celeb rock climber when I first started out---she inspired me BEYOND belief.
    Must git back to climbing :-)

  2. I've never met anyone in the running world who is famous and if I could pick who I would meet, hands down, without a doubt, it would be Joan. She seems like such a balanced, down-to-earth and humble person. Mainers are like that, though :) I am so jealous!


  4. I agree that one of the cool things about running is that you are right there with the superstars (or behind them anyway). Triathlete Michellie Jones was at the triathlon my husband announced last weekend. I've met Bill Rodgers and Grete Weitz at race expos, spoke to Frank Shorter when he was announcing a kids race the day before the Honolulu Marathon. Once I came in 3rd overall to Paula Newby Frasier's 1st in a local race. A few others, but I don't want my comment to go on as long as my memories :-).

  5. Yes! Every runner is a star. I'm still jealous of your time with Joan!


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