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Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Running Day at GHS!

Yesterday the school community came together as a running community to celebrate National Running Day.

It started about a week ago with displays in the Information Center that showcased running photos, medals, and all the reasons Why [We] Run!

We wore our running shirts like we did last year.

We donated our old shoes to the local running store recycling program.

After school teachers and students gathered together for a 5K run on the local trail.

At the finish line everyone enjoyed the ZOOMA Ambassador goodies from Cytomax and Muscle Milk and a few prizes from Sweaty Bands, Ultimate Direction, and Mizuno.

How did you celebrate National Running Day?

Monday, March 4, 2013

TrainingTruths: Running with the Stars

When people read that a trio of Olympians will be running the NYC Half Marathon in a couple of weeks, they might get nervous. Even me, although I've already met and run with an Olympic Marathoner

This is one of the reasons I find the running community so amazing. Olympic runners, elite runners will line up along side average runners like me to run a race. For a short time, we will all be winners.  

#TrainingTruths: Every runner is a star!

Tuesday: Not even a vacation could interfere with my training to give chase in New York. Although it was a rainy morning in Florida, I still enjoyed a relatively warm run through the green. Not many people ventured out, so I felt like I owned the road.

Wednesday: Since I would be traveling on Thursday and I try to avoid running two days in a row to keep injuries away, I decided to go for a walk. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I loved the easy, relaxed feeling of being on vacation.

Saturday: Used the Black Cat 10 Miler in Salem, MA (through Marblehead - home to Olympian Shalane Flannigan) as our long run. I love when races fit so perfectly into the training plan! This was a pre-fuel fail for me. The 8AM start meant we were out the door at 530 without my traditional pre-run breakfast. Thanks to my Simple Hydration Water Bottle and some Cytomax I was able to manage the energy in my tank for a pretty good finish.

Have you ever met a celebrity runner?
Tell me about your most recent bright moment!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MUST HAVE Winners!

Happy hump day!

Yesterday was my first day back to work for the new school year and back to the after school running schedule. I find it a lot harder to run at the end of the day versus first thing in the morning, but I don't see how people can get up so dang early to run before work. 

So, Monday night I packed my running bag with... guessed it! My running MUST HAVEs!

Today I get to announce the winners of my MUST HAVE GIVEAWAY!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Sandra Laflamme - Simple Hydration Water Bottle

Amanda Naro - Sweaty Bands

Heather Roe - Sweaty Bands

Kierston - Cytomax Sampler

Please email me your mailing information so that I can get your prizes to you.

Do you prefer to run before or after work?

Friday, August 31, 2012


It hit me the other day that there are certain things that I won't run without. Whether I'm running from home or packing my running bag, there are 5 must-haves that I have discovered over the last year and a half and 1250+ miles. Each item plays a role in making my runs comfortable, productive, and fun.

1. My Mizunos. I have three pair. Silver Wave Rider 15s purchased on the recommendation of my local running store (so glad that I listened). Pink Wave Rider 15s Limited Edition that I won in a raffle. I rotate wearing these on my short runs. For my long runs I wear my Wave Inspire 8s that I received from the Mezamashii Project. These shoes make my feet happy. They are lightweight and cozy, yet supportive. Running in these shoes is like putting on a pair of comfy jeans after working all day. You can check out my full review here.

2. My Nike+ GPS Sport Watch. I received this for Christmas last year from my husband and I use it all of the time. I love how simple it is to use. The screen is large and easy to read during my runs and with the laps feature on, it will beep at me. Afterwards, it is a cinch to upload and view all my running stats on the computer or review my run stats on the watch itself. I also use the stop watch feature to time my planks! Another cool feature to this watch is the messages it displays for you. Immediately after running, it will give you positive feedback like Crowd goes wild! It also nudges you to get out there and run if it hasn't been used in a while. (All this watch needs is a know, like the ones in all the spy movies?)

3. My Simple Hydration Water Bottle. I do not like to run with things in my hands, but I need to hydrate and where I run, I'm not going to find water fountains (or bubblers as they like to say in NH). When I saw this bottle, I knew it was the one for me because it is designed to hook onto waistbands or belts and be handsfree. Running with this bottle is so simple; just tuck it in and go. There are no straps or clips or buckles. It doesn't matter what distance I'm running, I always take the bottle with me. 

4. My Sweaty Bands. I received my first Sweaty Bands from my running partner Daisy as a gift. I tried to wear slip-on headbands in the past, but they always slid up my head. So, I gave up and began wearing the hard plastic kind that press in right behind my ears. You know the kind, right? My first run wearing my Sweaty Bands opened up a whole new world for me. Even with all my thick hair that Sweaty Bands did not move. Now the only problem I have is trying to figure out which ones to buy!

5. My Cytomax. I use this during runs to hold off the energy crash and after runs to replenish and recover. I love that I can make it right in the bottle. Fill with water, add two scoops, and shake. I like to make mine the night before so that it is nice and cold. On long runs, I pour some into my Simple Hydration water bottle to take with me and drink the left over afterwards.  

Now, here's the good news:

Simple Hydration, Sweaty Bands, and Cytomax want to spread the must-have love with some lucky readers of Running Escapades!

So, one lucky winner will receive a Simple Hydration Water Bottle, two lucky winners will receive a Sweaty Bands, and one lucky winner will get a generous variety pack from Cytomax!

To enter: (required)
Leave a comment telling me about your running or fitness must-haves!

Extra entries: (optional) - please comment separately for each one that you do, otherwise they will only be counted as one entry:
  • Blog, Tweet, Facebook - tell everyone about the giveaway! And let me know what you did!
  • Follow the Running Escapades Facebook fan page
Winners will be picked at random.  Contest only open to US participants.  Giveaway ends Monday September 3. 


*I contacted all of the brands in this post to participate in this giveaway. All opinions are my own. (obviously)

Monday, August 27, 2012

TrainingTruths: Freedom Runs

I like to think of last week as a week of freedom runs. The Rock 'n Roll Providence Half Marathon was over and I wasn't ready to roll right into preparation for Reach the Beach and ZOOMA yet. It was nice to just go out and run without any thought to training schedules.

#TrainingTruth: Running on trails is a great way to break free from the noise and traffic of every day life. 

#TrainingTruth: There is a certain liberation in being able to run anywhere at any time (like during soccer practice).

#TrainingTruth: You can meet the nicest people when you're out for a run and not constrained by finish times and pace.

#TrainingTruths is not just about me. We all like to see what everyone else is doing and use that information to assess ourselves. It's not judgement. It's a way to share and learn and make changes when necessary.

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I look forward to reading your #TrainingTruths!

Monday, August 20, 2012

TrainingTruths: Tapering Workouts

Last week was the taper week leading up to half marathon #5. Tapering is not a term that I am all that familiar with because I only started running distances longer than 10Ks a year ago. In fact, marathon #5 is a re-run of my first ever half marathon!


#TrainingTruth: A humid 5 miles is not so bad if there is a view half way through.

#TrainingTruth: A sweaty four mile run is good for practicing the perfect gear combination for race day.

#TrainingTruth: Pre-race activities must be executed properly to ensure a successful race day: attend the expo, hang out with FitFluential peeps, and enjoy a pre-race meal.

#TrainingTruth: All of the training pays off on race day!

#TrainingTruths is not just about me. We all like to see what everyone else is doing and use that information to assess ourselves. It's not judgement. It's a way to share and learn and make changes when necessary.

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I look forward to reading your #TrainingTruths!