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Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Running Day at GHS!

Yesterday the school community came together as a running community to celebrate National Running Day.

It started about a week ago with displays in the Information Center that showcased running photos, medals, and all the reasons Why [We] Run!

We wore our running shirts like we did last year.

We donated our old shoes to the local running store recycling program.

After school teachers and students gathered together for a 5K run on the local trail.

At the finish line everyone enjoyed the ZOOMA Ambassador goodies from Cytomax and Muscle Milk and a few prizes from Sweaty Bands, Ultimate Direction, and Mizuno.

How did you celebrate National Running Day?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Training Truths: Back On My Feet

By now, you have probably heard about Mizuno's new campaign to get people running and support the Back On My Feet program at the same time. If not, here are the basics: Download the Mizuno Baton App and use it on your runs. For every mile that you run during a one week window, Mizuno will donate $1 to Back On Your Feet.

Now every run means even more.

Tuesday - Beautiful 4 mile trail run after school. Managed my pace better and finished with a 8:56 final mile.

Thursday - With questionable weather looming, I opted to do my 4 mile run from home instead of school. It turned out that I beat the rain and finished with another awesome final mile at 8:41! Then I hung out with the boys.

Saturday - My first workout of the day was SurfSet where we really worked our upper body. Now I'll know what's in store when the instructor says to grab two sets of weights.

(note: I am whimpy, so my weights are very light!)

The weather on Saturday was again questionable, so instead of running downtown after SurfSet, I came home. Hoping for better weather on Sunday for a long run, I chose to do a virtual 5K and used a tempo mix from RockMyRun. It wasn't a good tempo run, but I had another awesome last mile (9:22, 9:44, 8:47).

Sunday - No surprise that I woke up a little stiff from Saturday's SurfSet, but to loosen up I did a 10 minute ab workout (from Comcast on-demand, who knew?) and then loved on my foam roller. After selecting the Run Chat Fan Mix by RockMyRun as my pace music, I set out for a six miler that turned out way better than I expected. I'm happy with my overall pace, but even happier with my splits because for once I'm not all over the place. Mile 4 was a continuous climb that started with a steep 150' gain over about 350 yards. And of course I love that my last mile was once again my fastest.

Do you dedicate your runs?

Friday, May 23, 2014

I've got Disco Fever (10K variety)!

Last Saturday was the fourth year for the TI Disco Fever 5K/10K, but it was my first time running it. Christine & Sarah, the owners of TI Fitness where I SurfSet, organized this charity event. These ladies are so inspiring and super fun to be around.

I grew up listening to disco music, so I was pumped to join the fun and play a little dress up.

On my way to registration, I ran into some of the girls from the There She Goes Again running group and chatted for a few minutes.

The race was held at the World Sports Grille in Manchester and pre-race booths were set up in the lower level of the garage. I love the race shirt made by b Positive, but the sizes run very small, so it's likely that I won't be wearing it.

While waiting to make my way to the start line, I checked out Blue Trailer, a mobile rental locker service launched in March by a runner named Molly. Her #lockitup concept was born from the need to store items securely at a race/event. It's a great idea, especially when the weather is less than favorable at the start, your car is far away, and there's no bag check.

The 5K and 10K started at the same time, but were separated by about 50 yards. Both followed the same route along the Manchester Trail until just before the 2 mile mark when the 5K split off. It was fun to run along the trail since it is one of our regular choices for long runs.

As usual, mrC joined me on this groovy adventure. We stuck together for most of the run, but he had to walk at mile 5 and I just wanted to get to the finish.

After the race, runners could immediately check results and then head over to the World Sports Grille deck for post-race live music, beverages, and food. I will definitely do this one again!

Do you like themed races?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cleared to Run

I did not go to work today, even though I probably could've put in a half day. Instead, after getting my stitches out and being given the thumbs up to exercise (including run), I immediately headed home to lace up my Mizunos. My last run was an 8 miler with mrC over ten days ago, so when I saw this April Virtual 5K hosted by Sara, I knew it was the right distance for my first post op run.

STAY STRONG Foot Notes™ shoe charms from Momentum - 15% off code GGS158

I was nervous about the run. Even though I got the all clear from my doctor, I'm still sporting butterfly bandages that are supposed to be on for another week. For some reason, I kept imagining that my incision would bust open. It did not.

Neither did my run. It wasn't horrible, but I couldn't find my groove. My breathing was excessively labored and I started to get a side stitch just after the turn-around. I wanted it to be easier. I wanted to feel like I was just floating along. My mind told me it was a perfect day for running, 50 degrees and partly sunny, but my body was struggling to bounce back from the time off.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Newport with mrC for the Newport 10 Miler. I am so excited that I do not have to sit this one out like I thought I would.

with mrC after our 2013 finish!

Based on my run today, it won't be a stellar race (I plan to take it nice and easy), but it will be AWESOME to meet up with some of my favorite blends and fellow ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassadors who are also running again.

2013 pre-race meet-up with Nancy, Jill, and Michelle

Still thinking of registering for a ZOOMA event? Use my discount code for 10% off CCAMB2

What are YOUR running plans this weekend?