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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just an Ordinary Tuesday, Or Was it?

Today was just an ordinary Tuesday.

OK, not really because....I went for a run!

I LOVE SAYING THAT! Any day that I get to run now will be anything but ordinary.

I had sunshine, the water and a nice was pretty much perfect. I didn't even mind the sweat getting in my eyes.

But let me back up a bit.

mrC got home from his trip in the middle of the night. While he slept in, I did my daily yoga session - you guessed it, more vinyasa flow. Does anyone else feel strange wearing shorts to do yoga or is it just me?

Since I was nice and warmed up (and feeling motivated) I got day 2 of 30 burpees out of the way. I've decided to track my time to see if there is any change over the 30 days. For the record: 2:28 and I burned 15 calories.

By this time, mrC was up and moving, so we headed out for our run. We mixed up our route a bit to do more on the flat promenade along the water. We did a couple of out and backs before heading up the big hill to our apartment for a total of 3.58 miles.

It's getting warmer around here, so I made sure to bring along some water and I love that I don't have to carry my Simple Hydration Water Bottle. See how nicely it hooks onto my shorts? Even this pair from Lululemon that has a no dig waist band can hold the bottle.

After our run, we took a cool down walk to pick up a full length mirror that I found on Discovery Bay's Facebook Moving & Selling page. It even has a nice little shelf on the bottom for the VIP shoes. I'm wearing the J.Crew finds from yesterday. This tee and these shorts. Plus my favorite recovery flip flops from Oofos.  PS - all my links are affiliate links and if you click on them I earn a few pennies, and you are not obligated in any way. I promise.

Later, I received a delivery from FedEx ---> I'm a Wearsafe Running Ambassador. I'm super excited to share this safety technology with everyone as I hike, bike and run around Hong Kong.

Before dinner we went for a walk and picked up dessert. I'm happy mrC likes these gluten free brownies as much as I do.

For dinner it was Taco Tuesday!!

What are your perfect running conditions?
Anything making your day extraordinary?
Are you a Taco Tuesday fan?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Running and Swimming Laps

Since arriving in Dubai, I've been worrying about wearing acceptable running gear, the heat, and where to run in this busy city. After taking an extra day off to let my sore legs recover, I was itching to run again on Wednesday morning.

A couple expats living in the area have assured me that it is acceptable to wear modest running gear while you run. It is not acceptable to wear your running gear into public places, like the mall or grocery. Although I love a good racerback when it's hot and humid, I opted to wear a regular tank top with my trusty Oiselle Distance shorts.

To beat the heat, I got up early and thinking about my GMMRTT early-bird runner friends, I was out the hotel at 6AM. It took my Nike GPS watch about 5 minutes to find a signal, which seriously stressed me out because I was standing on the sidewalk in my running gear. NOT running.

The other day, mrC glanced out of our hotel window (we're on the 9th floor) and noticed a small park with a running track. The 400 meter rubbery track circles around the outside of Port Saeed Plaza and is lined with flowering trees and bushes like jasmine and honeysuckle.

I left the hotel with a goal of running for 30 minutes, but knowing that my body is still acclimating to the temperature change. For example, it was already 74 degrees at 6AM! I didn't count laps while I was running, but instead watched my time and took water breaks every 10 minutes. I ended up with 11 laps around the track before making my way back to the hotel.

After a quick shower and some breakfast I headed to the pool to do some laps there. I don't know the length of the pool, but I did 5 laps (back & forth = 1) twice. Swimming is fun, but it's not easy. It's definitely more cardio than I remember as a kid!

I haven't done a lot of swimming while living in New Hampshire, so I'm thoroughly enjoying this time in the pool. Hopefully, we will have access to one in China too.

Does your GPS take a long time to connect?
Do you like running around a track?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Gym Bag Summer Must Haves

As the seasons change, so do the items in my gym bag. After recently having skin cancer surgery, what goes in my bag takes on a whole new importance as the summer weather arrives.

1. Sunscreen - Even on overcast days, I'm wearing it. I love Neutrogena and use it on my body and the baby face formula on my face.
2. Headband - I use headbands for any workout. They keep my sweaty hair out of my sweaty face. A lot of my favorites are from Sweaty Bands.
3. Hat - Protecting my face from the sun is so much more important to me now. One of my favorites is from Athleta.
4. Water Bottle - I carry water or Cytomax on nearly all my runs, especially in the warmer weather. My Simple Hydration bottle makes it so easy to access my drink, but stay hands-free.
5. Sunglasses - Not my favorite running accessory, but another layer of sun protection. I received a pair of Under Armour Marbella to review a couple of months ago and I love them.

What's in your gym bag for the summer?

Today I'm linking up with the hosts of Friday Five: Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar

Friday, May 23, 2014

I've got Disco Fever (10K variety)!

Last Saturday was the fourth year for the TI Disco Fever 5K/10K, but it was my first time running it. Christine & Sarah, the owners of TI Fitness where I SurfSet, organized this charity event. These ladies are so inspiring and super fun to be around.

I grew up listening to disco music, so I was pumped to join the fun and play a little dress up.

On my way to registration, I ran into some of the girls from the There She Goes Again running group and chatted for a few minutes.

The race was held at the World Sports Grille in Manchester and pre-race booths were set up in the lower level of the garage. I love the race shirt made by b Positive, but the sizes run very small, so it's likely that I won't be wearing it.

While waiting to make my way to the start line, I checked out Blue Trailer, a mobile rental locker service launched in March by a runner named Molly. Her #lockitup concept was born from the need to store items securely at a race/event. It's a great idea, especially when the weather is less than favorable at the start, your car is far away, and there's no bag check.

The 5K and 10K started at the same time, but were separated by about 50 yards. Both followed the same route along the Manchester Trail until just before the 2 mile mark when the 5K split off. It was fun to run along the trail since it is one of our regular choices for long runs.

As usual, mrC joined me on this groovy adventure. We stuck together for most of the run, but he had to walk at mile 5 and I just wanted to get to the finish.

After the race, runners could immediately check results and then head over to the World Sports Grille deck for post-race live music, beverages, and food. I will definitely do this one again!

Do you like themed races?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ragnar Cape Cod - Too Vicious & Delicious

Last weekend I became a Ragnar Finisher!

It all started early Friday morning when we descended upon Hull, Massachusetts to start our 192 mile running journey to Provincetown.

When I wasn't running, I was keeping company with my van 2 teammates.

We passed the time leap-frogging, supporting, and cheering each other on while we ran.

Finishing my first leg along the Cape Cod Canal was gorgeous.

It was easy to stay hydrated, even when we ran in areas without van support, with our Simple Hydration water bottles.

We were able to catch a couple of hours sleep before legs 2 & 3 in the Ragnar sleep areas.

ShowerPill kept us from having to ride around in stinky vans. 

Before I knew it, we were starting our final legs to the finish.

After my last run ( I was runner #11), we hurried to join our final runner across the finish line.

After doing Reach the Beach NH in 2012, I didn't think I would want to do another relay, but I'm glad that Katherine asked me to join her team.

This is a relay I could see myself doing again.

Have you ever run a relay?

*Our team was supplied with ShowerPill Athletic Wipes and Simple Hydration water bottles. These are both products that I support and all opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Things Not to Forget to Pack for a Relay

There's not a whole lot of room in a van filled with 6 runners. People always say to just pack the essentials...but what are those exactly?

There are many things we pack to get us through 2 days of non-stop running:

1. clothes - one outfit for each run and comfy clothes for when you're not running
2. running gear - headband, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, watch, water bottle, shoes, reflective vest/lights for night run
3. non running gear - flip flops, compression socks/shorts, sleeping bag/pillow, chargers, garbage bag
4. toiletries - deodorant, toothpaste/brush, Advil, facial/body wipes, towel
5. food - fuel, personal snacks,

But, what do you really need in order to run your relay legs? Those things you would put in your carry-on if you were traveling and worried your luggage might be lost by the airline. The things that just..."make" your run.

Here are my 5 Relay Essentials (I would be totally bummed if I forgot any one of the these):

1. My Mizunos -There is literally blood, sweat, and tears in my Wave Rider 17s. Of all the Mizunos I have worn, this pair fits the best, feels amazing, and looks sweet.

2. Nike GPS watch - I love the ease of this gadget and how it gathers all my personal stats for me. When it beeps at each mile, it's like having a friend with me.

3. Friction Defense - this stick of glide-like-vaseline by Gold Bond keeps my feet pretty, comfortable, and blister-free. Keeps my feet nice and cool too.

4. Big Banjee wrist band - I keep my phone with me at all times, mostly for safety reasons, but also so that I can take pictures. Without this wrist band (by Sprigs), I would have to carry my phone. eww.

5. Simple Hydration water bottle - Another necessary item to keep me hands-free while I run.  It tucks almost weightlessly into the back of my shorts and even if I don't need all the water in the bottle, it's not a hassle to have with me.

What items would you NOT want to forget to pack?