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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hanging Out in NH: GMMRTT, SurfSet, & Trails

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! 

After landing in New Jersey last Wednesday, mrC and I spent a day and a half letting our bodies get used to being back in the USA.  On Friday I hopped on another plane for a short flight to New Hampshire for a long weekend visit.

I started the weekend with a Girl's Night Out with MRTT. We pretty much took over an entire room at the Bedford Village Inn tavern. I haven't seen these women in person since we were home in August, but because we interact so much in the Facebook group it felt like I'd never been gone. 

After dinner, some of us braved the chilly NH night to hang out by the fire pit. It was a great night!

On Saturday I headed to TI Fitness for some Boot Camp and SurfSet. Although I keep busy in China with running, biking, hiking, yoga, and Zumba, nothing compares to a good full body cardio workout. 

Boot Camp was broken into two parts: first we were on the floor obstacle course style and then on the ledge (which you can't really see in the picture). On the floor we ran, shuffled, zig-zagged, and jumped while mixing in some strength exercises that we pulled from a box. For example after going through the floor course we did 20 reverse flies. On the ledge we focused on step-ups, jumps, triceps dips. Stuff like that. It was awesome! 

The 30 minute SurfSet class was fast paced and challenged my body in every way. I miss these classes so much because it's such a fun way to get sweaty and it's the only way I ever did strength. I'm struggling with that in China.

On Sunday morning I hit the trail for a MRTT group run. I ran a lot of miles on the rail trails in New Boston, Goffstown, and Manchester before moving. I've been watching the progress of improvements via Facebook, so I was super excited to see first hand the newly finished bridge connecting Manchester to Goffstown. 

The weather almost didn't cooperate, but the skies dried up just in time for the group to hit the trail. 

After fitness class on Saturday I raided Runner's Alley for some new running shoes. The Mizuno Wave Rider 19s are so much lighter and softer than my old shoes (which were overdue for replacement) and I love how Feetures socks just mold to me feet. 

Between the cooler temps, the trail, and my new gear, running the 5.3 miles felt amazing. 

Do you do non-running things with your running group?

What was the last pair of running shoes you bought? I'm loving my new Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Saturday, August 29, 2015

MRTT Giddy Up & Go Half Marathon Relay

I'm so happy that I was able to attend the GMMRTT Giddy Up & Go Half Marathon Relay event while we were back in the states for vacation/operation sell the house!

After only being in New Hampshire overnight following our Cape Cod vacation, mrC drove me to Lake Massabesic for the event. (On the way there we spotted a van full of some of my Sunday Runday Goffstown running buddies. I wish I had a picture of all those ladies smiling and waving at me on the highway!)

Just like the last event I attended, the GMMRTT chapter leaders organized an amazing day. Teams of 3 completed the 13.1 miles, cheered for each other, and munched on food donated by Panera and Market Basket. At the end of the event, door prizes were awarded. It was a great day!

Here are some of my personal highlights:

Seeing my friend, colleague, and running buddy.

Enjoying the beauty of New Hampshire.

My Relay Team.

Supporting other runners.

Running the trail with a little help from my friends.

The bling.

This group of amazing women (and the amazing husbands behind the scenes who pick us up, drop us off, take up the slack, and TAKE PICTURES!)

Are you a member of your local MRTT group? 
What do you love about your chapter?

Monday, April 20, 2015

#CheerBoston from Dubai

It's Marathon Monday and I'm super EXCITED to support my #BostonStrong runners today via the BAA LIVE stream.

Last night mrC and I went back to the Dubai Mall for some dinner on the Waterfront and to see the famous Dubai Fountain Show. We had dinner at Carluccio's, right on the promenade and watched the first 3 minute show while having dinner. Since the show is every 30 minutes, we walked around to watch from different spots and saw the show three times.

This morning, I joined my GMMRTT friends for a virtual Boston Strong 2.62 Miles to support all the runners of the Boston Marathon.

I am so happy for ALL of the runners, but especially my running friends, my MRTT peeps, and my fellow running bloggers.

So good luck to all my Boston Marathon running friends:

Angela Bekkala
Jen Boudreau
Dani Holmes-Kirk
Lauren Lisi Pino
Kathleen Wheeler
Elizabeth Beeson
Zoe Schwalje
Kelly Herr
Cape Cod Runner
Hungry Runner Girl
Cross My Heart Fitness
Stuft Mama
We Run Disney

Do you know someone running Boston today?
Give them a shout-out in the comments!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Running and Swimming Laps

Since arriving in Dubai, I've been worrying about wearing acceptable running gear, the heat, and where to run in this busy city. After taking an extra day off to let my sore legs recover, I was itching to run again on Wednesday morning.

A couple expats living in the area have assured me that it is acceptable to wear modest running gear while you run. It is not acceptable to wear your running gear into public places, like the mall or grocery. Although I love a good racerback when it's hot and humid, I opted to wear a regular tank top with my trusty Oiselle Distance shorts.

To beat the heat, I got up early and thinking about my GMMRTT early-bird runner friends, I was out the hotel at 6AM. It took my Nike GPS watch about 5 minutes to find a signal, which seriously stressed me out because I was standing on the sidewalk in my running gear. NOT running.

The other day, mrC glanced out of our hotel window (we're on the 9th floor) and noticed a small park with a running track. The 400 meter rubbery track circles around the outside of Port Saeed Plaza and is lined with flowering trees and bushes like jasmine and honeysuckle.

I left the hotel with a goal of running for 30 minutes, but knowing that my body is still acclimating to the temperature change. For example, it was already 74 degrees at 6AM! I didn't count laps while I was running, but instead watched my time and took water breaks every 10 minutes. I ended up with 11 laps around the track before making my way back to the hotel.

After a quick shower and some breakfast I headed to the pool to do some laps there. I don't know the length of the pool, but I did 5 laps (back & forth = 1) twice. Swimming is fun, but it's not easy. It's definitely more cardio than I remember as a kid!

I haven't done a lot of swimming while living in New Hampshire, so I'm thoroughly enjoying this time in the pool. Hopefully, we will have access to one in China too.

Does your GPS take a long time to connect?
Do you like running around a track?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Packing Up and Working Out

Today is our last day in New Hampshire and for the past week I've been cramming in as much fitness fun as I can around my last days of teaching and packing. So many people went out of their way to help me get ready for the move and to say such kind things to me.

After spending Monday and Tuesday telling my classes that I was moving, it was really nice to run a few miles with the Run Club and work off some of the emotions.

Run Club date with littleC

I spent the week working with my substitute and was surprised by several farewell moments from the faculty and students.

Friday night I went to the #GMMRTT free yoga session at Diamond Fit Diva in Manchester and then stopped for some drinks at LaCaretta after.

Photo credit: GMMRTT 

As usual I spent my Saturday morning with TI Fitness at #SurfnTone class. We did so many squats that my legs are still sore today. I'm going to really miss these classes until we come back to visit.

Saturday afternoon my stylist was able to squeeze me in for an early color, cut, and wax before heading out of town. It's going to be tough to find someone who "gets my hair" in China.

My last #SundayRunday was spent running a 6 miler with a group of runners from #GMMRTT. Our runs have been so fun and make the miles fly by. I'm so happy I could spend it with these awesome ladies.

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I will be spending the rest of today packing and doing last minute errands before we head out to spend a few days with my in-laws in Massachusetts and my family in Ohio. There won't be a lot of time for fitness, but I'm going to squeeze it in whenever I can!

Do you have any packing tips I could use?