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Monday, March 30, 2015

Packing Up and Working Out

Today is our last day in New Hampshire and for the past week I've been cramming in as much fitness fun as I can around my last days of teaching and packing. So many people went out of their way to help me get ready for the move and to say such kind things to me.

After spending Monday and Tuesday telling my classes that I was moving, it was really nice to run a few miles with the Run Club and work off some of the emotions.

Run Club date with littleC

I spent the week working with my substitute and was surprised by several farewell moments from the faculty and students.

Friday night I went to the #GMMRTT free yoga session at Diamond Fit Diva in Manchester and then stopped for some drinks at LaCaretta after.

Photo credit: GMMRTT 

As usual I spent my Saturday morning with TI Fitness at #SurfnTone class. We did so many squats that my legs are still sore today. I'm going to really miss these classes until we come back to visit.

Saturday afternoon my stylist was able to squeeze me in for an early color, cut, and wax before heading out of town. It's going to be tough to find someone who "gets my hair" in China.

My last #SundayRunday was spent running a 6 miler with a group of runners from #GMMRTT. Our runs have been so fun and make the miles fly by. I'm so happy I could spend it with these awesome ladies.

A photo posted by AmyC (@runningescapades) on

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I will be spending the rest of today packing and doing last minute errands before we head out to spend a few days with my in-laws in Massachusetts and my family in Ohio. There won't be a lot of time for fitness, but I'm going to squeeze it in whenever I can!

Do you have any packing tips I could use?

Monday, July 1, 2013

TrainingTruths: Got My Groove Back

First I want to announce that Happy Fit Mama is the winner of the Bestowed giveaway! Congrats! Please email me so I can put you in touch with your prize.

Even though I was in school an extra week (darn snow days!) and the heat arrived in New Hampshire with a vengeance, last week I was able to get my running groove back. I think I was able to finally sweat out all remnants of the nasty cold I picked up the week before and that gave me my energy back.

After a day spent proctoring exams on Tuesday, I convinced mr. C to join me for a 4 mile loop. This took some work because it was feels-like 90 degrees. Once the clouds moved in, we hit the door and managed to avoid the storm that arrived later. I wore a new racerback that I picked up from Corey Vines with my Earndit reward and loved it. It was super soft and lightweight, perfect for the hot weather. This run went much better than I thought it would in the high temperatures.

We ran again on Wednesday morning before work thinking the temperature would be better. It was cooler at 70, but the humidity was 65% making the sweat factor nearly the same as the night before. My Oiselle mesh tank helped keep me comfortable in the muggy air, but it didn't make breathing any easier. 

To celebrate the end of the school year (finally) on Friday, we snuck in a short run between downpours. It started off with a comfortable cool breeze, but then the humidity rolled back in making the last mile really tough. Taking a first run in my new Mizuno Wave Sayonaras that I received to preview as a member of the Mezamashii Run Project raised the fun factor a bit though.

It was time for another #SurfSet class on Saturday. This urban surfing workout was an intense mix of strength and cardio with a lot of squats and ab work. Afterwards we grabbed some to-go smoothies and breakfast sandwiches from our favorite downtown eatery. We rounded out the day with a 3 mile dog walk, first swim at Scobie Beach, and some yoga for runners.

We got a later start than I would have liked for our long run on Sunday and paid for it. It was a really tough run complete with dripping sweat, attacking flies, and stomach cramping in the warm and humid air. We walked more than I would have liked, but enjoyed a cool dip in the water at Scobie Beach afterwards to cool off.

The start to summer vacation has helped me get back on track. I upped my mileage for the week to 17 and added a bunch of cross training. It's looking like the summer will be full of fitness adventures and I love that! This week kicks off the start of the Sweaty Challenge, a spin off of the Chilly Challenge from January, where we log our miles and offer each other encouragement and support. Join in the fun here

Hope you had a good week too!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fitness Friday: #GoalGetter 2013 May Update

Happy Friday! It is hard to believe that it is already June. I wish I could say that it was summer vacation already too (like my Ohio peeps!), but that will not come until the end of the month (thanks to all those hurricane/snow days).

For now I will happily say goodbye to the month of May, although I did have some seriously fun adventures.

Here's a look back at some memorable moments and my running goals:

I started the month with a crazy, unexpected two day trip to Atlanta courtesy of Mizuno to participate in the Mezamashii Run Project. The project launched this month, but my role in it has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned!

Immediately following my trip to Atlanta, I headed to Cincinnati to get a quick family visit and run the Flying Pig Half Marathon with mr C. I wasn't into running when I lived in Ohio the way I am now, so this was my first time running this race. It was one of the best race weekends I've ever experienced. 

I began working on a sponsored campaign with Under Armour and FitFluential. What's Beautiful is a competition that focuses on inspiring women to set goals and conquer them together. My goal is to work on adding up the miles to reach my running goal for the year. May was not my best month with 56.76 miles, but I'm not giving up on hitting 1000 for the year. 

Another one of my goals for the year is to improve my overall core strength, so I jumped at the chance to try SurfSet at TI Fitness Training in Manchester with New Hampshire Bloggers & Tweeters. This all-in-one workout was the hardest thing I've done in a long time, but so fun I went back for more! This is going to be my summer core workout plan. 

Even though May was filled with amazing running adventures, I'm disappointed that I didn't meet my monthly mileage goal to keep me on track to reach 1000 for the year. What's Beautiful is that I will keep pushing through the obstacles. I will not give up.

How was your May? Any achievements or setbacks?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SurfSet Fitness Session

I've been hearing great things about the urban surfing craze ever since the inventors swam with the sharks. As a member of New Hampshire Bloggers & Tweeters, I was invited to attend a TI SurfSet Fitness event at TI Fitness Training in Manchester.

TI SURFSET© is a 45 minute workout based on the movements of surfing. The comprehensive routine centered around the RSX board is designed to build core strength, burn fat, and create lean muscles. Other gear such as jump ropes and kettle bells can be incorporated into the routine as well. What you don't need are shoes. This workout is done completely barefoot.

After a quick meet and greet, our instructor Christine, explained some of the common moves we would be using like sup stand (below) and surf stand while walking us through some exercises to get used to the board. I was grateful for this part as 1) I am not a surfer and 2) this was my first time taking a class like this.

Once we were all warmed up, the high-intensity aerobic intervals began. We worked our core from the plank position doing moves like wave runners (basically mountain climbers on the board) and cha-chas (knee taps while in the plank position).

We tried to balance while doing squats, kicks, and knee ups. We even did some surfing moves such as  stand up paddling, pop ups, and carving outs.

Photo credit: TI Fitness Instagram

Toward the end of the session we did some floor work with the jump ropes and kettle bells. I've never used a kettle bell before, so I could feel all of my muscles firing up.

This total body workout kicked my butt. It was challenging, but completely achievable. Christine led us through a progressive routine that pushed our muscles to the max and left us feeling proudly spent.

This class was so much fun, I'm already thinking about when I can do it again. 

In addition to SurfSet, TI Fitness Training also offers Fitness Bootcamp, Children's Fitness, Running Programs, and Private Sessions. They have a variety of pricing packages along with a punch pass program and a separate drop-in fee for those who prefer to pay as they go. One thing I love is the 20% discount offered to students, teachers, military, and government employees.

What do you think of SurfSet?

Monday, May 13, 2013

TrainingTruths: A Recovery Week

The downhill that followed the run up into Eden Park during the Flying Pig Half Marathon left my legs feeling a little like mush. Add the rising temperatures and my running last week wasn't pretty. Since I know from past experience that there is a period of adjustment between cold and warm weather, I'm trying not to sweat (haha) the ugliness of my runs.

Tuesday I ran after school with my running partner. We were both nursing tired legs so we did a quick 5K. It was tough and the warmth made it feel even harder. I did try out my new Mizuno running shorts  and along with my Wave Inspires, they were the most comfortable part of the run.

I waited until Friday to do my second run because I was still feeling tired. I came home after my last class and did a lunch run with hubs. It was basically a 4.2 mile repeat of Tuesday's run: tired legs and warm temps. We earned a good sweat on this one and I was reminded how much I love cucumber facial wipes.

I went to a SurfSet class on Saturday morning and experienced my first total body urban surfing lesson. It was the toughest non-running workout I've done in a long time. Recap coming soon!

Photo credit: TI Fitness Instagram

Sunday morning when I woke up, I was reminded right away that I had done a total body workout the day before! Even though I was hurting, I went for a six mile run with the hubs and it was the best run of the week. I'm definitely a cooler weather, morning runner!

When was the last time you were sore from a workout? What kind of runner are you?

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