Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SurfSet Fitness Session

I've been hearing great things about the urban surfing craze ever since the inventors swam with the sharks. As a member of New Hampshire Bloggers & Tweeters, I was invited to attend a TI SurfSet Fitness event at TI Fitness Training in Manchester.

TI SURFSET© is a 45 minute workout based on the movements of surfing. The comprehensive routine centered around the RSX board is designed to build core strength, burn fat, and create lean muscles. Other gear such as jump ropes and kettle bells can be incorporated into the routine as well. What you don't need are shoes. This workout is done completely barefoot.

After a quick meet and greet, our instructor Christine, explained some of the common moves we would be using like sup stand (below) and surf stand while walking us through some exercises to get used to the board. I was grateful for this part as 1) I am not a surfer and 2) this was my first time taking a class like this.

Once we were all warmed up, the high-intensity aerobic intervals began. We worked our core from the plank position doing moves like wave runners (basically mountain climbers on the board) and cha-chas (knee taps while in the plank position).

We tried to balance while doing squats, kicks, and knee ups. We even did some surfing moves such as  stand up paddling, pop ups, and carving outs.

Photo credit: TI Fitness Instagram

Toward the end of the session we did some floor work with the jump ropes and kettle bells. I've never used a kettle bell before, so I could feel all of my muscles firing up.

This total body workout kicked my butt. It was challenging, but completely achievable. Christine led us through a progressive routine that pushed our muscles to the max and left us feeling proudly spent.

This class was so much fun, I'm already thinking about when I can do it again. 

In addition to SurfSet, TI Fitness Training also offers Fitness Bootcamp, Children's Fitness, Running Programs, and Private Sessions. They have a variety of pricing packages along with a punch pass program and a separate drop-in fee for those who prefer to pay as they go. One thing I love is the 20% discount offered to students, teachers, military, and government employees.

What do you think of SurfSet?


  1. So much fun and a killer workout! Btw - love the new look of your blog!

  2. This sounds crazy intense, but definitely an awesome workout!

  3. Hi, new reader here. This looks like a really neat class - definitely unique and fun! And a discount to teachers? I am all over that!

  4. It simply looks like too much FUN! I so wanna do it!

  5. WOW THIS LOOKS SO FUN! I gotta find a class like this! LOVE!

  6. Thanks Angela! I want to take another class, as soon as they get back from RTB!

  7. If you like the challenge of a tough workout, it's great!

  8. Hi Ari! Thanks for reading. It's one you should definitely try!

  9. I can't see how they wouldn't. It's super fun and intense! I'm going back ;)

  10. Yes, definitely find one to try! Let me know when you do ;)


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