Monday, May 6, 2013

TrainingTruths: Half Marathon #9 Final Week

It was taper time last week. Nine weeks of coaching, guiding, and training with my husband for his third half marathon was winding down. Work and travel schedules prevented us from running together, but he stayed focused and IT ALL PAID OFF (recap coming soon).

Tuesday: It was a yucky four miles. As a runner I have learned that there will be days like this, but it doesn't stop the disappointment that comes with it. It was one of our first warm days, I was tired from a busy day at work, and feeling very blah and lethargic. I definitely had trouble keeping up with my running partner on this one.

Wednesday: I went to Atlanta to work on a special project with Mizuno for a couple of days. I missed my final taper run, but I did fit in my daily planks. The view out of the floor to ceiling windows was much better than my normal view of the living room or basement.

Sunday: After weeks of training together, hubs and I ran the Flying Pig Half Marathon. It was #9 for me and #3 for him. As promised, we stuck together for all 13....miles. I couldn't resist the .10 sprint to the finish line. This was a challenging course, but tons of fun.

Overall: I ate on the road a lot between Atlanta and Cincinnati, didn't follow my normal hydration routine, and only did my morning planks 4 days. I will be more focused this week while I allow some time to recover.

How was your week?


  1. I'm so impressed you guys could train together - I don't know if my husband and I could do that :) Can't wait to hear how the Flying Pig went!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous week to me!! :0)

  3. Oh the yucky mile run. You're so right. We know they're going to happen but it's still disappointing. I had a great time a the Flying Pig. After an ultra the previous weekend I approached the Pig Half as just another training run. Not easy but one of my better running decisions :)

    Looking forward to your recap!

  4. Tell me more about Mizuno and Atlanta! :) I love the pic of you and hubby - awesome!

  5. you and the husband stuck together all 13 miles? LOVE.

  6. Your wednesday sounds mighty exciting!

  7. It was such a fun time - sorry we didn't meet up.

  8. It's not always easy, but definitely fun!


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