Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday: #GoalGetter 2013 April Update

In April I was really focused on two of my goals for the year: adding up the miles toward 1000 and strength training consistently. After crossing two other goals off my list last month, I was pumped up and motivated to keep working and pick up the slack where I needed to.

Run 1000 Miles

To reach this goal I need to run at least 82 miles every month. I'm happy to report that in April I ran 87.19! My total for the year so far is now 344.56, leaving 655.44 to go. Most of my April miles came from training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon (which I will be running on Sunday) and a couple of races. I did the BAA 5K and the Newport 10 Miler.

With the mileage on the rise, I added a new pair of Mizunos to the rotation. I am really loving my Wave Creation 14s.

Strength Train Consistently

I worked extra hard to make this my turn-around month following the total fail of March. I dug out the weighted hula hoop and have been giving it a spin a couple of times a week. I have also gotten back into the #plankaday habit. I'm not a fan of seeing how long I can hold a plank, so instead I focus on quick intervals.

Host a Fun Run

Ever since I joined some friends for a group fun run, I have wanted to organize my own. I never expected to be organizing a run as a show of support after a tragedy at a marathon, but that is what I did. I'm proud of myself for pulling it off, but I don't feel comfortable calling it a fun run. It was a #BostonStrong run.

What was your focus in April? How did you do?


  1. 1000 miles awesome (that's 1600 km, 600 more km on me, I'm aiming for 1000km which is 625mi).
    Well you are on track that's for sure.
    I didn't have a focus in April at all. But I did have a few very enjoyable runs with a new pb in the half, and in 8km (5mi). So that's a plus.
    Overall April was a month of personal bests. So not only in time, but also in distance.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what May brings.

  2. Join #GoalGetter2013 today!

  3. You had a great month Amy! WOW! 87 miles this month??? Amazing!

  4. PB's feel amazing don't they? Way to go!!

  5. Nice work all around! I also am not a big fan of planks, in any incarnation; have to force myself to do them.

    April marked my return to 100+ mile months, after the slow buildup from Austin marathon recovery. I did 126 last month, and have ~135 on tap this month. Around 110-130 seems to be my monthly mileage sweet spot - enough to feel fit, without feeling like i'm running every time I'm not sleeping.

  6. Great job with the miles, and good luck with the rest of them. :) I'm sure a fun run should help, right? :) Happy Friday!

  7. YAY YAY YAY!! Those are some serious miles girlie!! Love it!

  8. You had an awesome month! Way to go with your miles, with strength training, and with the Boston run!! Great job! :0)

  9. Awesome!

    Love those shoes BTW!

  10. Strength training always falls to the wayside for me. Great goals and love the new blog look! I usually read it in my reader so I haven't seen the new look until now! Awesome!

  11. I'm so in love with your shoes!


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