Monday, May 13, 2013

TrainingTruths: A Recovery Week

The downhill that followed the run up into Eden Park during the Flying Pig Half Marathon left my legs feeling a little like mush. Add the rising temperatures and my running last week wasn't pretty. Since I know from past experience that there is a period of adjustment between cold and warm weather, I'm trying not to sweat (haha) the ugliness of my runs.

Tuesday I ran after school with my running partner. We were both nursing tired legs so we did a quick 5K. It was tough and the warmth made it feel even harder. I did try out my new Mizuno running shorts  and along with my Wave Inspires, they were the most comfortable part of the run.

I waited until Friday to do my second run because I was still feeling tired. I came home after my last class and did a lunch run with hubs. It was basically a 4.2 mile repeat of Tuesday's run: tired legs and warm temps. We earned a good sweat on this one and I was reminded how much I love cucumber facial wipes.

I went to a SurfSet class on Saturday morning and experienced my first total body urban surfing lesson. It was the toughest non-running workout I've done in a long time. Recap coming soon!

Photo credit: TI Fitness Instagram

Sunday morning when I woke up, I was reminded right away that I had done a total body workout the day before! Even though I was hurting, I went for a six mile run with the hubs and it was the best run of the week. I'm definitely a cooler weather, morning runner!

When was the last time you were sore from a workout? What kind of runner are you?

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  1. That surfing class looks too cool! I hope those are going to spread around the country. And I need some facial wipes like those.

    I'm definitely a morning runner, but there's some strange part of me that doesn't mind training in heat (good thing, living in the humidity capital of the world!).

  2. Hi there! Karen from I really like your blog!

    I had a tough running week myself. I live in NJ and the warmer temps are a difficult adjustment for me as well. I took an entire week of from running and all things workout related two weeks ago, needless to say my first week back I took it easy.

    I am definitely a morning runner! As a fellow teacher, it's sometimes hard to get up so early to squeeze in a run before school. I'm looking forward to getting into my summer training routine in June :)

  3. Hobbling over here from Saturday! Hello glutes and hips!

  4. i'm a runner who hasn't run in 6+ months.... sadly. i still need to wait though. i love feeling sore from workouts/runs!

  5. Urban surfing looks freakin' awesome! So cool! My leg workout last week left me sore for 4 days!

  6. Definitely felt sore 2 weeks ago when I started training with my new distance coach. The learned curve is steep, but I can tell I am already getting stronger!

  7. It was pretty cool! Day 2 soreness is here ;)

  8. The surfing workout looks so awesome! I hope it comes to Boston soon!

  9. That Urban Surf class sounds like something I want to hear more about!

    I am definitely a cooler temp, early morning runner too!

  10. I've been doing more weights lately and that has DEF been making me sore. I am a afternoon warmer weather runner!

  11. Great workout week Amy! That surf class looks so fun! I'm definitely a cooler weather morning runner! ;-)

  12. I've found that I am a faster runner in the afternoon, but all my long runs happen early in the morning. Definitely a cooler weather runner. I don't do well in the heat, especially since most of my runs are in the cold weather climate of San Francisco.

    Surf class looks fun!

  13. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!! That total body workout sounds really tough!


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