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Saturday, November 19, 2016

SurfSet Fitness Hong Kong: Balance

If you have read this blog before or know me IRL, then you probably know that one of my favorite fitness activities is SurfSet. I've been going to classes off and on for over three years. I say off and on because I used to go every Saturday before we moved to China and now I haven't been since last fall.

That all changed when I found SurfSet Fitness Hong Kong while scrolling through my Groupon app (they have a great deal if anyone in Hong Kong is reading this). Today I'm super excited to talk about my first class at SurfSet Fitness Hong Kong!

In case you haven't heard of it, SurfSet is a 45 minute workout based on the movements of surfing. The comprehensive routine centered around the RSX board is designed to build core strength, burn fat, and create lean muscles. Other gear such as jump ropes and kettle bells can be incorporated into the routine as well. What you don't need are shoes. This workout is done completely barefoot.

So, about today. Getting to the class is no easy task. For me, coming from Discovery Bay, I have to take the 25 minute ferry to Central and then walk about 20 minutes to the metro for a 20-ish minute ride. A final 5 minute walk and I'm there. Phew! Clearly I REALLY wanted to go to this class. (and a BIG thank you to mrC for tagging along and helping me find my way!)

SurfSet Fitness Hong Kong offers all four signature programs.

Because you have to reserve a board in advance to join a class, I was closed out of my first choice (Blend) and instead took the Balance class.

Balance is yoga inspired and reminded me a lot of pilates. Pilates made a lot harder by the instability of the board. We started with a quick muscle warm-up on the board followed by some stretches. Next our instructor guided us through a few core exercises. What I loved is that we worked the abs and the glutes which are so often forgotten. We ended with yoga hold poses that made my muscles feel like they were screaming.

Even though I was looking for a fast-paced cardio workout, this low impact class was surprisingly challenging. Besides the core exercises, the movements from high to low and trying to hold a pose on the board called on every single stabilizer muscle that you don't think twice about on an average day. I got sweaty and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sore.

I still miss the fast-paced, gasping-for-air feeling that you get from a Burn or Blend class, so I will definitely be trying to get into one of those classes soon.

Have you tried SurfSet? Which class is your favorite?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hanging Out in NH: GMMRTT, SurfSet, & Trails

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! 

After landing in New Jersey last Wednesday, mrC and I spent a day and a half letting our bodies get used to being back in the USA.  On Friday I hopped on another plane for a short flight to New Hampshire for a long weekend visit.

I started the weekend with a Girl's Night Out with MRTT. We pretty much took over an entire room at the Bedford Village Inn tavern. I haven't seen these women in person since we were home in August, but because we interact so much in the Facebook group it felt like I'd never been gone. 

After dinner, some of us braved the chilly NH night to hang out by the fire pit. It was a great night!

On Saturday I headed to TI Fitness for some Boot Camp and SurfSet. Although I keep busy in China with running, biking, hiking, yoga, and Zumba, nothing compares to a good full body cardio workout. 

Boot Camp was broken into two parts: first we were on the floor obstacle course style and then on the ledge (which you can't really see in the picture). On the floor we ran, shuffled, zig-zagged, and jumped while mixing in some strength exercises that we pulled from a box. For example after going through the floor course we did 20 reverse flies. On the ledge we focused on step-ups, jumps, triceps dips. Stuff like that. It was awesome! 

The 30 minute SurfSet class was fast paced and challenged my body in every way. I miss these classes so much because it's such a fun way to get sweaty and it's the only way I ever did strength. I'm struggling with that in China.

On Sunday morning I hit the trail for a MRTT group run. I ran a lot of miles on the rail trails in New Boston, Goffstown, and Manchester before moving. I've been watching the progress of improvements via Facebook, so I was super excited to see first hand the newly finished bridge connecting Manchester to Goffstown. 

The weather almost didn't cooperate, but the skies dried up just in time for the group to hit the trail. 

After fitness class on Saturday I raided Runner's Alley for some new running shoes. The Mizuno Wave Rider 19s are so much lighter and softer than my old shoes (which were overdue for replacement) and I love how Feetures socks just mold to me feet. 

Between the cooler temps, the trail, and my new gear, running the 5.3 miles felt amazing. 

Do you do non-running things with your running group?

What was the last pair of running shoes you bought? I'm loving my new Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Monday, March 2, 2015

Knee Rehab Week 11: And We're Done!

I passed my final post-op assessment, and just like that, knee rehab has come to an end.

Even though I'm done with PT, I still have strength work to do, so I promptly signed up to take three SurfSet classes over Winter Break. I'm planning to steal ideas from class to do at home to hit those "need work" areas according to my Skulpt Aim measurements.

Runs: 37.3 February miles

Tuesday - 3.15 miles
The plan: run 30 minutes

The cold weather and snow piles are still chasing me inside to the treadmill, but at least I am enjoying the time.

Thursday - 4.3 miles
The plan: run 40 minutes with 20 minute tempo

mrC and I put on our outdoor running gear with plans to run downtown after his appointment, but it was so cold and cloudy that we decided to just go home. Allie over at Running on Peanut Butter blogged about her tempo run, so I decided to give it a try. The tempo speed I selected was a little slower than it's supposed to be, but now I know where to go the next time.

Sunday - 5.08 miles
The plan: MRTT group run - 5 miles

I had to get outside for at least one run, even if it was colder than they said it would be. There's nothing like a few miles and good company to take your mind off the cold though! It was a flat out and back route early enough that the traffic was light.

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: FAB ab day 23 + SurfnTone + final PT assessment

Tuesday: FAB ab day 24 + run + arms

Wednesday: FAB ab day 25 + SurfnTurf

Thursday: FAB ab day 26 + run + arms

Friday: FAB ab day 27 + arms + legs

Saturday: FAB ab day 28 + SurfnTurf

Sunday: MRTT run + arms


I finished up FAB Ab February, one of my favorite 30 day challenges, and am feeling so good that I began MAD Abs March. Give me something to cross off and I'm a happy camper.

Even though the pRana #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge is coming to an end, I'm going to continue to do daily poses and try to limber up! Here are some of my favorites from the week.

What did you finish last week?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Sweat: Turkey Burn

My highlight of the day yesterday was going to the morning #SurfnTurf class for the annual Turkey Burn Workout at TI Fitness. I would have loved to do the Bootcamp class AND the 5K Run, but the whole no-running thing squelched that option.

I watched about 15 people leave after the Bootcamp class ended and then noticed that I was the only one remaining. I guess the other people who signed up for class were no-shows (not cool). So I basically had a private session with the owners.

We did a new move on the board during Surf called reverse table and added some leg lifts. I could feel my whole core working on that one.

The focus for Turf today was arm strength. We did 4 stations with dumbbell exercises and weighted transitions in between. I struggle with arm exercises and love being pushed out of my comfort zone in class. We also took a "break" from the stations for a little HIIT with the jump ropes and kettle bells plus some pushups added for a kicker.

My body felt like lead and my heart was pumping hard. Turf is seriously challenging for me!

I always look forward to seeing how many calories I burn during these 25 minutes Surf and 25 minutes Turf classes, but this class was shocking. I think it's my PB for Surf classes.

Have you ever shown up for a class and you are the only one in it?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Training Truths: Burning Calories

One thing I love about being a teacher is the flexibility I get during summer vacation. During the school year, my workouts are after school and I skip fitness classes during the week because my evenings are booked with family time and sporting events.

My stepdaughter has been home from college for over a month now and doing a 6 week summer fitness challenge. When she got her first check-in measurement results back, I was inspired to start whittling away some of the comfy pounds I put on this spring.

Last week I jumped into my new summer workout plan and I put my fitness gadgets to work tracking my calories burned. I strapped on my Polar FT40 heart rate monitor and got busy. Even though I take a lot of photos of my watches, I've never really thought about the data beyond that one workout.

Monday - 4 mile run. I was supposed to go to SurfSet, but class was cancelled because the AC was broken. (417 calories burned)

Tuesday -  Morning stretching and leg work. Went to Yoga (wildcard) class, but the instructor was stuck in traffic so instead we did a Strength class. (185 calories burned)

Wednesday - Started the day with a humid 4 mile run. It wasn't good. Loved my lunchtime Surf-n-Turf workout at TI Fitness. (853 calories burned)

ThursdayI took my morning workout to Strength In Balance NH for a Booty Barre class. There are three main parts to Booty Barre: killer arms, brutal legs, and lethal abs. It sounds deadly, but it's an awesome workout! The battery in my Polar died about 10 minutes into class, so I will have to wait until next time to see how many calories I burn doing this full body workout. (351 based on my last class)

Friday - 6 mile long run with mrC to start the day. (654 calories burned)

Saturday - 50 minute SurfSet class. There were a couple of new people in the class, so I think the instructor went a little easy on us. It was ok with me because my legs were tired from the week (357 calories burned - 28% fat!)

Sunday - Spent a rest day hanging out at the beach and taking a few walks.

My total calories burned for last week: 2817

I can't wait to see how I do this week! (although vacation will get in the way a little)

Do you track your calories burned during your workouts?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Training Truths: Braving the Winter

Braving the winter has been a little harder lately with the continued arctic blasts that have been descending on New England. I love to get outside and run in the fresh air, but single digit temperatures and little sunshine make it difficult.

Tuesday - It was barely 10 degrees on my drive home from school, so I decided to do my 4 miles on the treadmill.

Friday - I braved the cold temps and got in 4 miles outside. After being cooped up in the classroom all week, it felt good to get outside and stretch my legs on my easy regular loop. And I finished just as it was starting to get dark.

Saturday - SurfSet is easily my favorite non-running workout. I love the sweat, the challenging exercises, and the energy of these classes. Every class is different right down to the supplemental gear we use.

Saturday - After all the errands and housework were finished, mrC suggested we take the dog for a walk. Taking advantage of the one day heatwave of 30 degree weather, we hit the trail for a brisk 5K. My Athleta polartec tights were the perfect wardrobe choice, keeping my legs nice and warm.

Sunday - I knew the weather would be questionable, and while watching the news they showed a helpful windchill chart. After searching online, I found this one:

I like to run outside, but my rule is that I take it inside when the feels like temp is a negative number. Doing my long run on the treadmill is not ideal, but it's better than not running or getting sick. I took advantage of the ability to control my speed and kept this run at the correct long slow distance pace.

Has the frigid weather messed up your workout plans? How do you deal with it?

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Monday, January 13, 2014

TrainingTruths: Let the January Thaw Begin!

It's never easy to go back to work, is it? I don't know if it was the 1900 mile round trip drive to Cincinnati or the two full weeks of holiday break, but going back to work last week seemed harder than usual. I was also less enthused about doing my workouts because it was freezing, but I managed to do it. The January Thaw that commenced on Sunday morning certainly helped!

Monday - I can do rain and I can do cold, but I can't do cold and rainy so I hit the treadmill for a 3.1 mile run.

Wednesday - I had a meeting after school and after driving home, I just couldn't muster the energy to bundle up for a 15 degree outdoor run. Instead I opted for another 3.1 mile treadmill run. One positive outcome of running inside is that I spend more time stretching.

Saturday - I waited until Friday night to try to reserve a board for SurfSet class (bad idea), got closed out, and tweeted my disappointment. Good thing I did because in the morning two people cancelled and Christine tweeted to let me know that boards were available. I braved the slippery road conditions to get there and it was worth it!

Sunday - It was long run day and the temperature was a perfect 40 degrees. Only a little black ice (the driveway was the worst) remained from the day before and the sunshine was so refreshing! Not only had I been missing the pavement, but also the Vitamin D. Even though mrC was out of town and my stepdaughter went back to her campus duties, this solo long run was a success.

Did you enjoy the January thaw?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Training Truths: Bonding with my Treamill

After months of spending barely any time on the treadmill, last week I was forced to do all of  my runs there. Between snow, long days, and the threat of freezing rain, none of my planned runs took place outside.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those runners who shun the dreadmill. I'll jump on the thing, turn on the TV and go.

However, my first choice is to run outside for many reasons:

Time goes by faster - For some reason it just feels like it takes forever to finish a run on the treadmill. Even Wednesday's short 3 miler felt like a long run.

It feels easier - For me, running on the treadmill feels like a lot more effort than it would if I were doing the same mileage outside. Like on Friday, I set the speed to 6.0 and increased gradually to 7.0. According to my sportwatch my pace was much slower than when I run outside, but it felt like I was working much harder. Are my feet made of lead?

Outside is prettier - I love the convenience of the basement especially on days like Sunday when the freezing rain prevents a safe outdoor run, but the view is pretty uninspiring. I can turn on the TV or listen to music, but it's no winter wonderland. No breathtaking views here. My sportwatch was more cooperative in reporting my pace on this one, but shorted me .20. So confusing.

On a positive note, I stayed on track with my cross training for another week and attended another session of SurfSet on Saturday. Sara took our urban surfing class through a H.I.I.T training workout and for the first time I used the resistance bands with the boards.

The Chilly Challenge wrapped up week #3 and the challengers have been hitting their workouts hard in the hopes of winning a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17s! You can follow along on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #chillychallenge, but here are some of my favorite photos from last week's daily challenge posts.

How do you feel about treadmill running?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Training Truths: Out with Old and in with the Cold

Starting over is hard. It's hard not to think about what I used to be able to do before I went and got injured. Last week I realized that comparing myself to other HEALTHY runners was only making me unhappy. So instead I tried to embrace the season and be thankful for what I can do and remind myself that I am re-training my body the right way.

So, I worked to push out the thoughts of "the old days" and was rewarded by the arrival of colder weather. My body runs better in the colder temperatures, so I am thankful to have cold day runs as I focus on slowly rebuilding my mileage base.

Monday: Started another week of the #squatstreak with some squat kicks added in from the #sweataday challenge. I'm also doing one minute wall sits on my non-running days to strengthen my quads.

Tuesday: Colder temps arrived just in time for this two mile run. This was my second run trying to focus on starting slow and getting a good one mile warm up before picking up the pace and hopefully hitting an average pace of 9:30. (10:12, 9:16 = 9:43)

Wednesday: Another round of Active Relase Therapy with the PT. He's still focusing on some adductors and now my ITB. Came home to some new toys from mrC. I told you he was the greatest!

Thursday: Another cold two mile run, and more work on my pacing (9:59, 8:54 = 9:26). Maybe a little too fast coming back. I don't think I could hold that pace for long.

Friday: Long. day. Didn't get home until after 7PM. Took the night off except for my #squatstreak.

Saturday: My visit to the booty barre left me longing for another full body workout, so I reserved a board and went urban surfing. This class had tons of ab work and planks. My arms and abs were so tired afterwards. I also burned 471 calories according to my Polar FT40

Sunday: After waking to a surprise first snowfall, mrC. suggested we head to the Manchester Trail for our run. It was a seriously cold and windy 4 miles, but my legs were super toasty in my Athleta Polartec tights. I'm happy with my average pace, but I still need to work on starting slower (9:25, 9:36, 9:45, 9:32 = 9:35).

If you could get rid of something "old", what would it be and why?