Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Sweat: Turkey Burn

My highlight of the day yesterday was going to the morning #SurfnTurf class for the annual Turkey Burn Workout at TI Fitness. I would have loved to do the Bootcamp class AND the 5K Run, but the whole no-running thing squelched that option.

I watched about 15 people leave after the Bootcamp class ended and then noticed that I was the only one remaining. I guess the other people who signed up for class were no-shows (not cool). So I basically had a private session with the owners.

We did a new move on the board during Surf called reverse table and added some leg lifts. I could feel my whole core working on that one.

The focus for Turf today was arm strength. We did 4 stations with dumbbell exercises and weighted transitions in between. I struggle with arm exercises and love being pushed out of my comfort zone in class. We also took a "break" from the stations for a little HIIT with the jump ropes and kettle bells plus some pushups added for a kicker.

My body felt like lead and my heart was pumping hard. Turf is seriously challenging for me!

I always look forward to seeing how many calories I burn during these 25 minutes Surf and 25 minutes Turf classes, but this class was shocking. I think it's my PB for Surf classes.

Have you ever shown up for a class and you are the only one in it?

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