Monday, November 10, 2014

Training Truths: Staying Strong

Has it really been 4 weeks since I started dealing with my hip?

Last week I spent more time with Dr. Bri and worked on my strength (in ways that I could). At first that was just standard sit-ups, but as my hip pain lessened I was given the OK to do more.

So, after a couple of sessions of Graston, I was able to get back to my Tabata workouts that focus on core and lower leg strength. The only thing I couldn't do was side planks or anything else that caused pain in my hip.

By Sunday, I was itching for more and came across the Under Armour #SweatADay November challenge on Instagram. I've done the #SweatADay challenge numerous times in the past.  It helps me keep my fitness focus whether I am running or not and I find great new exercises

The weather was perfectly crisp for an outdoor morning workout following the challenge for day 9. Since I was getting a late start on the challenge, I also did a few of the previous workouts.

It felt really good to be outside working out. None of the exercises caused pain in my hip, but admittedly it felt…funny. Kind of tight, kind of tired? Not sure if the feeling in my hip is negative (pain-like) or positive (I've been used!).

Today I see Dr. Bri again and will hopefully get some more answers!

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