Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thoughts During a Workout

Today I'm linking up with Jill Conyers and Jessica for Tuesdays #DishtheFit. Today's topic is:

Does your mind wander? What do you think about when you run/workout?

Since I was not given the go-ahead to go for a test run today, I threw on my workout clothes and did the new Tabata mash-up I found on Pinterest. More on that tomorrow!

I wish these were my work clothes!

I started my workout in the cold basement thinking about how much I wish I could hop on the treadmill.

After a couple of beeps on the Gymboss and my heart rate rising, I thought about how much I miss going to SurfSet on Saturdays. Can't wait to get back there. Hopefully this weekend.

Is that a cramp in my trapezius? Deep breaths…in…out…in…out. Hmm, better.

The first round of the Tabata workout is over. I'm warmed up and thinking my legs are getting tired…really? Good thing I'm not running after all. Wait. Did I just say that? No, I'd rather be running. Definitely.

Pocket full of Sunshine…take me away…sweet escape…a better place…

Dang it's hot…jump over toward the fan…wipe off my face.

Oh crap, I missed a beep. I lost my place on the workout. Should I be jump roping or ??? This is why running is better for me. My mind can wander and I don't get lost.

It's over. That was good. How many calories did I burn today? Awesome.

So, what do you think about during your runs/workouts?

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