Sunday, November 16, 2014

Girls On The Run Fall 5K Volunteer

When you're feeling down because of an injury and you can't run, I highly recommend volunteering at a race to lift your spirits.

This morning I met up with several members of the Manchester MRTT group to volunteer at the Girls On The Run Fall 5K. This is the first of two annual events held for the various GOTR groups across the state of New Hampshire.

We were in charge of setting up the first of two water stops along the 5K course. Fortunately we had plenty of hands to help get all those cups of water ready.

When the first runners came around the corner, we were ready and waiting.

Within moments of handing water to the first runners, it felt like all of the remaining 1500 smiling little runners were surrounding us and they were thirsty! We soon realized that being a hydration specialist is not as easy as it looks!

Then, just like that, the massive wave of runners, coaches, and parents were headed toward the finish line. We received a lot of thank yous while handing out the water today, but the best part was seeing all of the smiles on the girls' faces as they passed by.

Girls on the Run is an organization devoted to helping girls grow up to be self confident and healthy young ladies. They combine training for a 5K with lessons on problem solving and making healthy decisions.

Everyone can support the non-profit GOTR program this month through the Hug A Runner virtual race series (5K, 10K, or 13.1) hosted by Run The Edge. Find out more here. You can also donate directly to the GOTR program here.

Do you have a GOTR program in your area?
Do you like to volunteer?

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