Friday, November 28, 2014

Powerless Thanksgiving - Shake It Off

mrC had a trip on Wednesday and when I heard the forecast for heavy snow, I should've known that the power was going to go out. It rarely happens when he is home. As pretty as it is to see the snow stuck to all the trees, it's a serious bummer when the trees fall or break on the power lines.

Original pic from Allie

I normally tough it out in the house with our small generator and as many small appliances as I can plug in, but not this time. This time I grabbed the dog and the credit card and checked into a local Holiday Inn. 

So instead of being surrounded by family on Thanksgiving, I found myself surrounded by fitness machines. 

When the power went out, I was not a happy camper. After walking by the fitness center a few times, I decided that I needed to shake it off. It was the perfect place to earn a little #holidaysweat workout challenge points.

I started my workout with a 20 minute ride on the stationary bike. I do not use fitness machines often (ever) besides our own treadmill, so I really had no idea what I was doing. I choose a calorie burn workout with a max level of 7. OMgoodness. It was HARD and I was seriously sweaty.

Next I jumped on the elliptical. On this one I selected a 20 minute cardio workout. Loved it. I felt like I was running. The best part was my mom FaceTimed me during the workout. She thought I was an awesome heavy breather, haha.

At the end of the 40 minutes, the smile was back and I was feeling better. Can you blame me? Look at the calories I shook off.

After my workout, I leashed up the dog for his workout. We walked for about a mile.

How was your Thanksgiving?
Did you get in a workout?

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