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Monday, November 28, 2016

Mountain Monday Rewards

I didn't have anything fitness on my calendar today (which goes against my whole motivation plan), but I knew I wanted to do my planks on the window bed after I hung out there with a cup of coffee. Nothing like a fun location with an awesome view to keep you motivated.

Some of my favorite Athleta pieces are on sale 20% off today!

While watching the news and contemplating my fitness options, I saw some messages being exchanged on WeChat between members of my "old" hiking group (full disclosure: I'm still working on establishing a new one) and I realized it was Mountain Monday. Knowing that they were going to be climbing Nanshan made me want to climb to Lookout Point here in DB. So just like that, I headed out for a hike.

On the way up I passed a lady resting (it's a steep climb). Shortly after I took the picture below, she joined me at the top and we chatted. She just moved to Hong Kong and also American. We exchanged information and made plans to meet up for a hike in the future. My reward for hiking was gaining a new friend.

When I got home it seemed like a perfect time for a smoothie. I'm excited that I found my favorite protein powder in the stores here, but I wish I could get it at Amazon prices! I love the taste of my smoothies with the added vanilla flavor.

My front shin muscles were still sore from my extra long hike on Friday, so I went to the spa to get a pedicure and a thirty minute foot massage.

Since going gluten free I haven't really missed bread or pasta too much, but I have missed croutons on my salad. I remember finding some in the US, but it's not as exciting as snagging these babies here. They make me want to have salad for lunch every day!

The AWA Discovery Bay Neighborhood Group hosted a cocktail event at a little bar called Hemingway's at the D'Deck.  It was the type of event where you write your name on a sticker, slap it on your chest and then tell your story multiple times.

It was awesome! I met some really funny and interesting women from Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong...I can't wait until the next event. It's hard for my introverted self to go to these events, so I love when I find the reward was worth it.

How have you been rewarded for your choices lately?
Introvert or extrovert?
Last time you wore a name tag?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shred Day 13 & 14: Facing Fears and a Zoo Loop

Every time I lace up my Mizunos for a sprint interval workout I am scared. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was not able to run my sprints and did them all on the elliptical because my knee is cranky as hell. I never now how my knee is going to feel during or after the workout and or even if it will want to work!

Yesterday my knee felt good, so I went to the park near my mom's house to do my workout. First, I walked a 10 minute warmup on the walking path. I love paths like this because you don't have to worry about traffic.

I switched up my 30 day Shred days so that I would be able to eat ALL THE PIZZA at the pizza party my aunt was hosting later and then I switched up the workout from interval run to sprint intervals for my knee. The goal: 25 sprints using 20 run/20 walk intervals.

To make it even easier on my knee, I ran the sprints back and forth on the mulch section of the walking path. It was a perfect match for my knee. I felt good, my heart rate was up and I was definitely sweaty!

For my cool down, I walked another 15 minutes on the path back to my car. I used my Nike running app for the first time in months. It felt so good, but it feels even better to SEE my resulting route (I accidentally stopped it after my sprints).

On our way to my aunt's, my mom and I hit up Athleta and had ourselves a little shopping spree. I'm a bad influence on her...she bought four pair of pants! I walked away with this, this, this, and this.

When you get the girls in my family in one room, it's all about sharing stories. My cousins, aunts, mom and sister (would you believe she's the blond next me?? She is!) are a riot and I'm really lucky that they indulge in at least one LaRosa's pizza party when I'm home for a visit.

Today I was fasting so I skipped breakfast and ran some errands with my mom. She's planning to buy a new front door, so we stopped at Home Depot to check out the options. Then we picked up a birthday printer for her at Best Buy. I hope she likes it :)

Then we spent the day walking the loop at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was warm and sunny today, so we broke up the walk with some indoor exploration as well as shady spots with the big cats.

What I Ate the last two days ---> not the best choices, but I'm back on track tomorrow!

Do you have any fears when you workout?
Do you like to run on hard or soft surfaces?
When was the last time you were at the zoo? ----> my last year of teaching in Ohio, so over 9 years ago!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lian Hua Park and Random Fitness

I got my morning started with a cup of coffee and some yoga flow.

day 4: low lunge
I love this pose. It makes my body feel so good, even though it challenges my tight shoulders.

The weather was cooperating, so I met up with the some of the hiking group for a walk in the park. Shenzhen has a lot of great parks spread across the city. This was my first time to Lian Hua Park in Futian. 

Highlights: a gorgeous lake, the peach orchard (although we missed the blooms), a classic Chinese gate, and the Huang tomb of a Song Dynasty descendant.

We walked about 5 miles and that makes this girl hungry. Especially when I didn't eat a proper breakfast. Thankfully, I was smart enough to grab a Vega Sport bar on my way out the door.

Speaking of smart decisions, these Athleta Classic Metro pants were a great purchase. They are super comfy and so versatile. I can wear them for yoga (see above), hiking, lounging, and even dress them up.

After having some left-over quinoa for lunch and relaxing for a bit, I did my daily pilates workout.

30 Day Pilates Body
day 24: booty
Truth: I hate this exercise. It is so hard to bridge up/down on one leg. However, I know that my legs and booty are getting some major work, so I do it. Ugh!

mrC made it back in time for Good Friday dinner and took me to the Australian restaurant for some shrimp. 

Have a great Friday!

Friday, January 16, 2015

What I Wear for Winter Walking

Lately it's been seriously cold in New Hampshire! We even had a two hour delay because of wind chills reaching -25 degrees.

The past few years I have been a winter runner, and figured out (for the most part) how to dress for it. Walking in the winter weather is a different story. My body doesn't warm up anywhere near the 10 degrees I get from running.

So dressing for winter walks has been a little more challenging, but I think I have it figured out.

Here's a look at what I've been wearing to survive the bitter cold temperatures while I keep up with my #mileaday Winter Warrior Challenge here in southern New Hampshire.

Puffy Parka (Loft) - Between the hood and the length, this works so well for the bitter cold and windy days.

Therma Fit Pullover (Nike) - I have three of these because they are that good. The fit is snug and the top is super soft. The sleeves also have thumb holes for stretching out that warmth.

Polar Tech Tights (Athleta) - Perfect for winter with fleece on the inside. My legs are NEVER cold.

Neck Warmer (Lululemon) - This thing is amazing. I can wear it down to keep my neck warm and pull it up when it's really cold and windy. It's long enough to pull up and over much like a balaclava.

Thermo Knit Gloves (Mizuno) - Although made for temps between 20-50 degrees, I really like these gloves on even the coldest of days. They are very soft and fit perfectly.

BONUS: Dog Boots (Pet Smart) - we have to protect the paws from the ice and snow.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

November Beach Day

After a frigid couple of days, Sunday turned out to be a very nice day, so mrC and I decided to get out and enjoy it. We leashed up the dog and headed out for a leisurely 5K walk to our favorite local beach and back.

When we left the house the temperature was in the low 50s but it was sunny. I picked my outfit hoping I would be warm enough while putting some of my new running gear to use, even though I wouldn't be running.

Oiselle birds of a feather long sleeve and Eddie Bauer vest

Athleta Miles Compression Tights and Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Part of the walk to the beach takes us through a shady section, where we paused to watch some friendly horse riders pass by. Because there was a breeze, it got a little chilly out of the sun.

At the beach we took in the views from the lifeguard stand, watched some ducks, and took a moment to stretch. My legs were a little sore from my Saturday morning workout.

Once we were sufficiently warmed up in the November sun, we headed back. On the way home we stopped to check out the new bridge and stone work. I love that there is always something new to see on our trips to the beach.

My outfit kept me comfortable on the walk, but I would have been too warm if I had been running (even without the vest). It was a perfect day for a walk to the beach, and I know mrC and I weren't the only ones who enjoyed it.

Do you like to visit summer places outside the season?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Training Truths: Braving the Winter

Braving the winter has been a little harder lately with the continued arctic blasts that have been descending on New England. I love to get outside and run in the fresh air, but single digit temperatures and little sunshine make it difficult.

Tuesday - It was barely 10 degrees on my drive home from school, so I decided to do my 4 miles on the treadmill.

Friday - I braved the cold temps and got in 4 miles outside. After being cooped up in the classroom all week, it felt good to get outside and stretch my legs on my easy regular loop. And I finished just as it was starting to get dark.

Saturday - SurfSet is easily my favorite non-running workout. I love the sweat, the challenging exercises, and the energy of these classes. Every class is different right down to the supplemental gear we use.

Saturday - After all the errands and housework were finished, mrC suggested we take the dog for a walk. Taking advantage of the one day heatwave of 30 degree weather, we hit the trail for a brisk 5K. My Athleta polartec tights were the perfect wardrobe choice, keeping my legs nice and warm.

Sunday - I knew the weather would be questionable, and while watching the news they showed a helpful windchill chart. After searching online, I found this one:

I like to run outside, but my rule is that I take it inside when the feels like temp is a negative number. Doing my long run on the treadmill is not ideal, but it's better than not running or getting sick. I took advantage of the ability to control my speed and kept this run at the correct long slow distance pace.

Has the frigid weather messed up your workout plans? How do you deal with it?

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