Monday, November 28, 2016

Mountain Monday Rewards

I didn't have anything fitness on my calendar today (which goes against my whole motivation plan), but I knew I wanted to do my planks on the window bed after I hung out there with a cup of coffee. Nothing like a fun location with an awesome view to keep you motivated.

Some of my favorite Athleta pieces are on sale 20% off today!

While watching the news and contemplating my fitness options, I saw some messages being exchanged on WeChat between members of my "old" hiking group (full disclosure: I'm still working on establishing a new one) and I realized it was Mountain Monday. Knowing that they were going to be climbing Nanshan made me want to climb to Lookout Point here in DB. So just like that, I headed out for a hike.

On the way up I passed a lady resting (it's a steep climb). Shortly after I took the picture below, she joined me at the top and we chatted. She just moved to Hong Kong and also American. We exchanged information and made plans to meet up for a hike in the future. My reward for hiking was gaining a new friend.

When I got home it seemed like a perfect time for a smoothie. I'm excited that I found my favorite protein powder in the stores here, but I wish I could get it at Amazon prices! I love the taste of my smoothies with the added vanilla flavor.

My front shin muscles were still sore from my extra long hike on Friday, so I went to the spa to get a pedicure and a thirty minute foot massage.

Since going gluten free I haven't really missed bread or pasta too much, but I have missed croutons on my salad. I remember finding some in the US, but it's not as exciting as snagging these babies here. They make me want to have salad for lunch every day!

The AWA Discovery Bay Neighborhood Group hosted a cocktail event at a little bar called Hemingway's at the D'Deck.  It was the type of event where you write your name on a sticker, slap it on your chest and then tell your story multiple times.

It was awesome! I met some really funny and interesting women from Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong...I can't wait until the next event. It's hard for my introverted self to go to these events, so I love when I find the reward was worth it.

How have you been rewarded for your choices lately?
Introvert or extrovert?
Last time you wore a name tag?


  1. Introvert all the way! I love that you went for a spontaneous hike! I so want to just leave school and go for a hike now!

  2. Haha! I used to feel that way when reading blogs at school ;)

  3. What an awesome reward for that hike! The view is priceless and a new friend is a bonus too!



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