Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shred Day 13 & 14: Facing Fears and a Zoo Loop

Every time I lace up my Mizunos for a sprint interval workout I am scared. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was not able to run my sprints and did them all on the elliptical because my knee is cranky as hell. I never now how my knee is going to feel during or after the workout and or even if it will want to work!

Yesterday my knee felt good, so I went to the park near my mom's house to do my workout. First, I walked a 10 minute warmup on the walking path. I love paths like this because you don't have to worry about traffic.

I switched up my 30 day Shred days so that I would be able to eat ALL THE PIZZA at the pizza party my aunt was hosting later and then I switched up the workout from interval run to sprint intervals for my knee. The goal: 25 sprints using 20 run/20 walk intervals.

To make it even easier on my knee, I ran the sprints back and forth on the mulch section of the walking path. It was a perfect match for my knee. I felt good, my heart rate was up and I was definitely sweaty!

For my cool down, I walked another 15 minutes on the path back to my car. I used my Nike running app for the first time in months. It felt so good, but it feels even better to SEE my resulting route (I accidentally stopped it after my sprints).

On our way to my aunt's, my mom and I hit up Athleta and had ourselves a little shopping spree. I'm a bad influence on her...she bought four pair of pants! I walked away with this, this, this, and this.

When you get the girls in my family in one room, it's all about sharing stories. My cousins, aunts, mom and sister (would you believe she's the blond next me?? She is!) are a riot and I'm really lucky that they indulge in at least one LaRosa's pizza party when I'm home for a visit.

Today I was fasting so I skipped breakfast and ran some errands with my mom. She's planning to buy a new front door, so we stopped at Home Depot to check out the options. Then we picked up a birthday printer for her at Best Buy. I hope she likes it :)

Then we spent the day walking the loop at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was warm and sunny today, so we broke up the walk with some indoor exploration as well as shady spots with the big cats.

What I Ate the last two days ---> not the best choices, but I'm back on track tomorrow!

Do you have any fears when you workout?
Do you like to run on hard or soft surfaces?
When was the last time you were at the zoo? ----> my last year of teaching in Ohio, so over 9 years ago!


  1. My fear in running? Probably that I'll look stupid LOL When I was doing my hill sprints up and down (and back and forth) the other day, I kept wondering how many cars (actually, their drivers) would be wondering why I kept changing directions. maybe nobody even noticed...but I would notice if it was someone else! Oh gosh...that pizza!!! Heavenly...I can almost smell it!

    1. Yes, I think about what drivers, neighbors must be thinking...especially since I'm doing 20/20 :) They probably think I'm crazy...start, stop, start, stop! haha, the pizza is DELISH! My splurge when I'm home.

  2. I am glad i am not the only one who speed work scares. I can log a slow 20 miler and not worry about it. But give my a few miles of intervals, or at tempo pace and I start to doubt myself. Can I really run that fast?

  3. Speed workouts are my favorite, I get flash backs of my sprinting days. However, I can see why it would scare you if you have knee pain. I prefer soft surfaces for running, however, I find them harder to find around my neighbrouhood where I usually run.

    1. Definitely hard to find! I like trails for a softer surface, but the ones near me are usually organic coming with roots and rocks.


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