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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

5 Safety Tips for Running Solo

I'm taking a little hiatus from workouts and getting sweaty for the next 36 hours because I had another round of laser hair removal treatment. While I'm on my break, I thought I'd share this post that I wrote for Wearsafe website. I hope you enjoy it!

When it comes to running, we all have our preferences: run with a group or go solo. Even for those who prefer running with friends, it is inevitable that during training the time will come when you are forced to go out alone.

I prefer to run with others, but even if most of your runs are solo, going out alone doesn't have to turn into a bad experience. As we enter National Safety Month, it's a good time to think about what precautions we can take to make our solo runs safer. So today I'm teaming up with Wearsafe to share my go-to safety tips.

5 Safety Tips for Running Solo that I use:

1. Plan a route

Whether I'm in my own neighborhood or visiting somewhere new, I plan where I'm going. If it's a new area, I use MapMyRun and if possible, I also do a drive-by of the route to make sure it's not secluded. It's good to have a general idea of the area so you don't get lost and end up in a sketchy situation.

2. Tell someone

Always tell someone where you are going. Even on days when mrC is out of town, I send him a text to let him know I'm heading out, give him my route details and let him know when I get back. If he's at home sleeping, I leave a note and add the time.

3. Take a phone

It can be inconvenient, but a phone is good to have on a solo run in case you get hurt, get lost, or need to call for help. Having my phone accessible is important to me and carrying it in my Flipbelt makes it easier to get to than if it's in armband. If I'm uncomfortable, I will even run with it in my hand until I get to a spot where I feel safer.

4. Be aware

I love my music, especially since I now have wireless earbuds, but when I run alone I avoid using them. If I do wear them, I keep the volume down low so that I can still hear most of the world around me. With that in mind, there are times when wearing earbuds is probably not a good idea at all: running in the dark, running near sports fields, or running in an area prone to wildlife.

5. Carry safety devices 

Pepper spray or claw-like tools for runners are definitely good defensive options to have. I carry my Wearsafe tag. Much more accessible than my phone, if I'm ever in a situation all I have to do is press the button and my family and friends are alerted to my location and sent a 60 second audio clip of what was happening when I pressed the button.

Too many times, we read about runners becoming the victim of a crime. If you find yourself heading out for a solo run, take the time to use precautions.

PS - I'm happy to share my discount code RUNNINGESCAPADES for 15% off the Wearsafe Annual Service Plan. 

Disclosure: I'm a Wearsafe Running Ambassador which means I receive my yearly subscription for free in exchange for talking about my training and how I use my Wearsafe. As always, these are my opinions based on my own experiences.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just an Ordinary Tuesday, Or Was it?

Today was just an ordinary Tuesday.

OK, not really because....I went for a run!

I LOVE SAYING THAT! Any day that I get to run now will be anything but ordinary.

I had sunshine, the water and a nice was pretty much perfect. I didn't even mind the sweat getting in my eyes.

But let me back up a bit.

mrC got home from his trip in the middle of the night. While he slept in, I did my daily yoga session - you guessed it, more vinyasa flow. Does anyone else feel strange wearing shorts to do yoga or is it just me?

Since I was nice and warmed up (and feeling motivated) I got day 2 of 30 burpees out of the way. I've decided to track my time to see if there is any change over the 30 days. For the record: 2:28 and I burned 15 calories.

By this time, mrC was up and moving, so we headed out for our run. We mixed up our route a bit to do more on the flat promenade along the water. We did a couple of out and backs before heading up the big hill to our apartment for a total of 3.58 miles.

It's getting warmer around here, so I made sure to bring along some water and I love that I don't have to carry my Simple Hydration Water Bottle. See how nicely it hooks onto my shorts? Even this pair from Lululemon that has a no dig waist band can hold the bottle.

After our run, we took a cool down walk to pick up a full length mirror that I found on Discovery Bay's Facebook Moving & Selling page. It even has a nice little shelf on the bottom for the VIP shoes. I'm wearing the J.Crew finds from yesterday. This tee and these shorts. Plus my favorite recovery flip flops from Oofos.  PS - all my links are affiliate links and if you click on them I earn a few pennies, and you are not obligated in any way. I promise.

Later, I received a delivery from FedEx ---> I'm a Wearsafe Running Ambassador. I'm super excited to share this safety technology with everyone as I hike, bike and run around Hong Kong.

Before dinner we went for a walk and picked up dessert. I'm happy mrC likes these gluten free brownies as much as I do.

For dinner it was Taco Tuesday!!

What are your perfect running conditions?
Anything making your day extraordinary?
Are you a Taco Tuesday fan?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Training Truths: Closing the door on February

February did not turn out the way I expected. Instead of finishing my half marathon training strong, I found myself dealing with a tight ITB and a crooked knee cap!

At the beginning of the month I started the #FFburpee challenge sponsored by FitFluential, but my cranky knee prevented me from being able to finish. I was hoping to develop a love for burpees, instead I settled for having made it to the halfway mark of the 1000 burpees goal.

During the month I kept myself busy with the three week #MNBchallenge sponsored by Lorna Jane and Fit Approach that focused on how to move, nourish, and believe everyday. I loved this challenge!

I did cross a goal off my 2014 list though. I ran my first new race of the year in Newport and followed up with my 11th half marathon (recap coming soon).

While on vacation in Florida at the end of the month, I learned that I will be returning to the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon in the fall as an Ambassador!

After much TLC on my cranky knee, I did get in two nice 5Ks last week. On Thursday morning mrC and I enjoyed a leisurely trail run wearing shorts! My knee felt pretty good and the new patellar band that my chiropractor recommended felt better than the KT tape and less bulky than mrC's brace.

After running errands back at home in NH on Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed another easy 5K to the beach and back. It was the best my knee has felt, so I'm hopeful that I am fully on the mend.

mrC had to go on a three day trip, so it was just me to take the dog for a walk on Sunday. We took a two mile round trip to the waterfall and back.

I am happy to be closing the door on the month of February. Looking ahead to March, I am once again involved in a couple of challenges. Angela is hosting the #HappyFitMarch challenge on Instagram and Twitter. FitFluential is sponsoring the #FFMarchMiles challenging participants to run, walk, or hike 100 miles. ZOOMA is hosting the #ZOOMAphotoaday challenge.

What are you looking forward to in March?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fitness Friday: ZOOMA Cape Cod Recap

It wasn't easy arriving at the ZOOMA Cape Cod event knowing that I wasn't going to be running this year, but I still had a great time hanging out with mr. C, the other ZOOMA Ambassadors, and volunteering on race day.

Here is a look back in pictures:

Race headquarters!

ZOOMA Fitness Expo 

Q&A with Ambassadors - Nancy, Dani, me, Jessica

Honest Tea "Mocktail Hour" - me, Jessica, Nancy & Dani

Race morning

At the starting line with Ambassadors - Nicole, me, Dani, Kelly,  Nancy

Handing out Personal Best medals was so much fun!

Post-race expo party music

Post-race yoga and massages on the Old Silver Beach!

See you next year ZOOMA!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fitness Friday: ZOOMA Weekend Fun!

TGIF!! Today I am off to Cape Cod to begin my weekend with #ZOOMAnation. I was so excited yesterday when I got home from work to find a big box of product from ZOOMA sponsor Honest Tea  waiting for me. I was ready to get the party started!

Just like last year I am looking forward to an amazing weekend and as I already mentioned in my ZOOMA blog post, I'm not letting my cranky adductor ruin my fun!

So here is what I have planned for this weekend:
  • First stop on Friday will be at the Sea Crest Beach Resort for the ZOOMA Fitness Expo where I will check-in with race co-founder Brooke. I'll probably do a little shopping, too.
  • At 6 P.M. you will find me chatting it up with race participants and some of the other ZOOMA Ambassadors at a Q&A Session in the Nauset Center.
  • After working up a thirst answering questions, we'll be heading to the Honest Tea Let's Get Fizz-ical "Mocktail" Party at Red's Poolside Bar. The fun begins at 7 P.M.
  • Bright and early on Saturday morning, we will be reporting for volunteer duty at the Runner Info Tent and then waiting for the first runners to cross the finish line! 
  • Sometime during the morning, we will head over to the After-Party Expo and maybe do a session of Recovery Yoga by Yoga Therapy.
  • On Sunday morning, mr.C and I will be unloading the bikes and pedaling our way to the Shining Sea Bike Trail for a little ride before heading back to New Hampshire.

This is hopefully my last weekend of no running. I will be doing another test run next week and (fingers-crossed) slowly getting back out there in my running shoes. 

Are you racing this weekend? Let me know in the comments and I will give you a shout out!!