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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

5 Safety Tips for Running Solo

I'm taking a little hiatus from workouts and getting sweaty for the next 36 hours because I had another round of laser hair removal treatment. While I'm on my break, I thought I'd share this post that I wrote for Wearsafe website. I hope you enjoy it!

When it comes to running, we all have our preferences: run with a group or go solo. Even for those who prefer running with friends, it is inevitable that during training the time will come when you are forced to go out alone.

I prefer to run with others, but even if most of your runs are solo, going out alone doesn't have to turn into a bad experience. As we enter National Safety Month, it's a good time to think about what precautions we can take to make our solo runs safer. So today I'm teaming up with Wearsafe to share my go-to safety tips.

5 Safety Tips for Running Solo that I use:

1. Plan a route

Whether I'm in my own neighborhood or visiting somewhere new, I plan where I'm going. If it's a new area, I use MapMyRun and if possible, I also do a drive-by of the route to make sure it's not secluded. It's good to have a general idea of the area so you don't get lost and end up in a sketchy situation.

2. Tell someone

Always tell someone where you are going. Even on days when mrC is out of town, I send him a text to let him know I'm heading out, give him my route details and let him know when I get back. If he's at home sleeping, I leave a note and add the time.

3. Take a phone

It can be inconvenient, but a phone is good to have on a solo run in case you get hurt, get lost, or need to call for help. Having my phone accessible is important to me and carrying it in my Flipbelt makes it easier to get to than if it's in armband. If I'm uncomfortable, I will even run with it in my hand until I get to a spot where I feel safer.

4. Be aware

I love my music, especially since I now have wireless earbuds, but when I run alone I avoid using them. If I do wear them, I keep the volume down low so that I can still hear most of the world around me. With that in mind, there are times when wearing earbuds is probably not a good idea at all: running in the dark, running near sports fields, or running in an area prone to wildlife.

5. Carry safety devices 

Pepper spray or claw-like tools for runners are definitely good defensive options to have. I carry my Wearsafe tag. Much more accessible than my phone, if I'm ever in a situation all I have to do is press the button and my family and friends are alerted to my location and sent a 60 second audio clip of what was happening when I pressed the button.

Too many times, we read about runners becoming the victim of a crime. If you find yourself heading out for a solo run, take the time to use precautions.

PS - I'm happy to share my discount code RUNNINGESCAPADES for 15% off the Wearsafe Annual Service Plan. 

Disclosure: I'm a Wearsafe Running Ambassador which means I receive my yearly subscription for free in exchange for talking about my training and how I use my Wearsafe. As always, these are my opinions based on my own experiences.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bump Up Day and Running with Wearsafe

I stayed up very late watching the Boston Marathon last night ---> which was ONLY possible thanks to my amazing friend Janine who saved me from the online streaming blackout handed down to anyone not living in the right geographical location or subscribing to cable.

Needless to say, when I woke up at my normal too-early time today, I was feeling a little reluctant to go out for my scheduled run. I was tired, it was foggy, and the humidity was at 92%. Yikes! Then I remembered watching all those runners push themselves in the marathon. They didn't get there by skipping runs. As soon as I put on my running clothes and shoes, I felt better.

Inspiring shoes and shorts

In the elevator (we live on the 20th floor) as I was getting my music and interval app ready, I recalled my running plan. I've been running 90:60 second intervals for about two weeks with good results, so today was another big bump up day ---> increase intervals to 2 minutes run: 1 minute recover x15.

As I started I told myself to keep the pace nice and slow, so that I didn't fizzle in the humidity. Even though I had programmed 15 sets, I figured I would go as long as I could and make up my route as I ran.

I ended up doing a nice 5K around the north part of Discovery Bay - I think it was 11 interval. Instead of doing two full loops, I did one loop with a double out and back along the promenade thrown in. This meant I only had to climb a big hill once.

I was very happy with my run. My knee felt good with the longer run intervals, my pace was mostly comfortable (even going up the hill) and I am one step more confident that I can do a 5K race in the future.

Speaking of confidence, running alone can be scary. We've all read the headlines. Too many stories of runners being attacked. Living abroad with a husband who travels for his job makes going out for solo runs even more unnerving at times. That's why I was excited when Wearsafe reached out to me about joining their Running Ambassador Program.

Wearsafe is wearable safety device that makes it so I'm one click away from a network of people to help me. It works with your smart phone to track your location and even record what's happening once you activate the Tag by clicking three times (you get to choose this setting). That information is sent to your network and your people decide what to do.

Now anytime I head out for a run, I clip the Wearsafe Tag onto my top or shorts. I can run feeling safe and think about things like my pace or my route or the views.

Because I can attach my Wearsafe Tag to just about anything I might carry with me when I leave the apartment, it takes away any fears that I won't be able to get to my phone if I need help. With the click of a button, my family and friends instantly receive an alert.

With the key fob, I can carry my Wearsafe Tag when I'm walking to the fitness center or out running errands. Help is still only a click away.

It's the perfect safety device for runners, hikers, bikers, students, anyone ---> it's versatile!

Wearsafe is similar to your home security system where you pay a monthly fee for the monitoring. Plans start as little as $5.00 USD a month. That's pennies a day to feel safe and confident that help is just a click away every time you leave your home.

Use my discount code RUNNINGESCAPADES for 15% off Wearsafe Annual Service and reclaim your run today.

Were you able to watch the Marathon?
How do you stay safe on our runs/hikes/walks/daily adventures?

Disclosure: As part of the Wearsafe Running Ambassador Program I was provided with a Wearsafe Tag and 1 Year Wearsafe Service in exchange for using and sharing my honest opinions. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sweaty Saturday: 4.15 for Boston and SUP time

I jumped right into the day today.

It's the holiday weekend, so instead of doing the pre-run coffee routine I decided to beat the sidewalk rush and get an early start. I was reminded that running before 7AM has more perks than just extra elbow room. It's peaceful. Instead of worrying about how to avoid crashing into commuters and dog walkers, I was able to just listen to my music and enjoy the scenery.

Speaking of music ---> I downloaded this Nike Run Club playlist and found a few new favorites in the lineup. Everyone is loving Ed Sheeran's Shape of You (me too!), but I also like Let's Go (Calvin Harris) Action! (De La Soul), 24K Magic (Bruno Mars) and This Is What You Came For (Calvin Harris).

I finished my run at 4.15 miles. 4.15 miles for Boston on #OneBostonDay. No runner will ever forget the events of 2013 (whether you were there, watching on TV, or heard about it later) and every year I donate my miles to my running community.

After a quick shower and some scrambled eggs, I returned to the beach with my SUP paddle to meet a member of the DB Ladies SUP group for the first time.

My board! My board has been stored on the rack at the Lantau Boat Club for about a week now. As soon as mrC and I got it inflated (I mentioned it here) and stored the weather turned rainy and then he had a trip (figures, right?).

I couldn't wait any longer and luckily Sue was willing to be my paddle buddy and help me break in both my board and my confidence. It felt really good to finally get my board in the water, but I was SUPER nervous because the last time I was on a board was last summer at the Cape. It is a lot like riding a bike and it all comes back to you. As we paddled around and out and back, I was getting a little braver and more confident, but my legs and feet were in nervous clench mode for the whole hour!

The picture I took after our paddle makes the water look deserted, but there were a few outrigger canoes going and at least one row team out practicing. Every 25 minutes or so the ferries to Central would come and go. Plus there was this whole Easter egg hunt on the beach thing going on.

My sweaty Saturday was pretty much perfect (except that mrC is away on a trip). I love that I can walk out my door and go for a run or walk down to the beach for a little SUP time or a ton of other active options.

Do you prefer to run with people around or while everyone is still sleeping?
What songs are on your favorites list lately?
Do you like to SUP?