Friday, April 25, 2014

Cleared to Run

I did not go to work today, even though I probably could've put in a half day. Instead, after getting my stitches out and being given the thumbs up to exercise (including run), I immediately headed home to lace up my Mizunos. My last run was an 8 miler with mrC over ten days ago, so when I saw this April Virtual 5K hosted by Sara, I knew it was the right distance for my first post op run.

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I was nervous about the run. Even though I got the all clear from my doctor, I'm still sporting butterfly bandages that are supposed to be on for another week. For some reason, I kept imagining that my incision would bust open. It did not.

Neither did my run. It wasn't horrible, but I couldn't find my groove. My breathing was excessively labored and I started to get a side stitch just after the turn-around. I wanted it to be easier. I wanted to feel like I was just floating along. My mind told me it was a perfect day for running, 50 degrees and partly sunny, but my body was struggling to bounce back from the time off.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Newport with mrC for the Newport 10 Miler. I am so excited that I do not have to sit this one out like I thought I would.

with mrC after our 2013 finish!

Based on my run today, it won't be a stellar race (I plan to take it nice and easy), but it will be AWESOME to meet up with some of my favorite blends and fellow ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassadors who are also running again.

2013 pre-race meet-up with Nancy, Jill, and Michelle

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What are YOUR running plans this weekend?

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