Monday, April 28, 2014

I Wasn't Supposed to Run

Yesterday I ran the Newport 10 Miler. Ironically, this was a race I didn't think I was going to run. Back in February I found out I had to have surgery to remove some skin cancer and was told I would not be cleared to run in time. I tried to transfer my registration fee toward the Newport Night Run 5K instead. When that didn't work, I told oldestC that she could run with my bib (shhh, don't tell anyone!), but then she had to back out because of an injury. While getting my stitches out a few days ago, I heard the magic words, "no restrictions" and knew that everything happened for a reason!

As planned we met up with the girls prior to the race start. It was pretty easy to find everyone in their colorful tutus! It's always fun to run with friends, but even more to meet new ones. Nancy and I got to meet new ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador Jessica.

Bottom L Pic: Kathi, me, Janine, Jessica, and Nancy

My goal for this race was to run a 10 minute pace and take it easy. With more than 1200 runners doing the 10 miler, it was easy to take our time in the beginning because it was crowded. Some runners dart in and out and around like cars on the highway, but we just wait for things to open up. By the time we got to Ocean Drive, about mile 2, we had more breathing room to take in the awesome views.

I like to divide routes in my mind, so when we got to Bellevue Ave, in my head we had moved into phase 2 of the race. Instead of looking at the water, we were now surrounded by the mansions.

Phase 3 is the tough part of the Newport 10 Miler...the hills. They come late in the game, around mile 7.5 and last right up to mile 9. They roll right past the high school and my quads got very cranky running them this time.

Phase 4 is what I have named the longest last mile. Once you crest the last hill, you feel like you should be nearing the finish line because the start line area is in sight. Then you realize that the race ends inside Fort Adams and the entrance to the finish line is in the BACK. There are some awesome views to keep you company on that final stretch though.

Despite the traffic jam in the parking lot after the race, we plan to be back next year because this is a great race. It's a fundraiser, so there aren't a lot of frills, like medals and a big pre-race expo. There is a small goodie bag of treats from sponsors, (like a $20 coupon to Sports Authority) post race beer and snacks, and a simple yet awesome race tee.

What keeps you coming back to the same race?

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