Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ragnar Practice Runs

In just over a week, I will be heading to Hull, Massachusetts with my Ragnar Cape Cod Relay teammates to begin our 200 mile journey to Provincetown. This will be my second team relay, but it will be very different than my Reach the Beach NH experience.

Team Vicious and Delicious is one BIG team of 22 ladies in four vans. For communication purposes, two vans go by Vicious & Delicious and the other two vans go by Too Vicious & Delicious.

I am runner #10 for TooV&D (which is really runner #11 on the Ragnar runner distance chart). I have the least amount of miles, but I'm still making sure that I am ready to run! Since I am on Spring Break, it seemed like a good time to simulate my legs by doing multiple workouts.

Practice Run #1: Ragnar Leg 11 - 4.5 miles - moderate - elevation gain 198'
I set out around 9AM in the hopes that I could avoid most of the morning traffic (mission accomplished). The route I chose was pretty close in elevation with a gain of 177' and it was chilly enough to test run our team long sleeve shirt (loved it). Even though my stomach grumbled the whole time (I didn't eat before), I ran near my goal pace and felt really good (even after Sunday's 10 miler).

Practice Run #2: Ragnar Leg #23 - 2.4 miles - easy - elevation gain 45'
Nearly 12 hours after the first one, I decided to do this run on the treadmill. To create the feeling of running outside (and for fun) I dimmed the lights and sported my night gear. I didn't have any problems during the run besides my legs being a little grouchy, and it was over quickly enough. However, I did learn a few lessons that will save me from tummy issues next week: skip the full dinner and drink more water.

Practice Run #3: Ragnar Leg #35 - 4.5 miles - moderate - elevation gain 235'
Almost 13 hours after my last practice run, I suited up for a rainy, hilly, out and back.  About a mile into the run, I had to turn around because I started getting sharp pains on the inside of my knee. By the time I got back to the house the pain had stopped, so I decided to keep going and try to finish the run. Another half mile and I turned around again cutting the run short. I'm optimistic that all I need is a little rest and extra foam roller time.

Now that my practice runs are complete, it is time to start obsessing about the weather, what to pack, and what I need to purchase. Good thing I ran in the dark because I learned that one of my blinking lights has died. (update: the light works. mrC found it flashing in the garbage can!)

Are you running Ragnar Cape Cod? Tell me your team name so I can look for you!
Are you running a different Ragnar Relay? Let me know which one!

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