Monday, April 1, 2013

#TrainingTruths: Finding Your Zen

It was week 3 of training with my husband for our next half marathon. Because he has an unconventional work schedule, he has not run consistently since last August when we ran the Rock 'n Roll Providence together.

#TrainingTruth: Running can help you find your zen!

Monday: We ran a 4 mile route out and back from the house. It gives us a pretty good hill workout even though it's a shorter distance. I'm working on being a better pacer, while my husband works on getting his fitness back. After running, he asked, do we have to run first to get this great feeling? The loyal hound is always happy to see us return. 

Thursday: I chose a new route that kept us mostly off the main road, but took us on some side streets with rolling hills. We met our goal to keep moving on the hills and coast down the other side. During the run, I found myself concentrating on my husband's breathing to help gage our pace. It was surprisingly relaxing.

Sunday: After an evening spent with family having Easter dinner and attending Mass, we eased into this mid-morning run feeling very blessed. The weather was beautiful for our
 7 mile hilly out and back. We used the same route from Tuesday, just extended it a mile and followed the muddy road along the river. Despite the muddy-season, our surroundings were very peaceful.

And here's a little Pinterest zen-spiration from The Arty Runnerchick that sums how we felt during each run!

Do your thoughts ping-pong when you run, 
or do you zone out?

#TrainingTruths is not just about me. We all like to see what everyone else is doing and use that information to assess ourselves. It's not judgement. It's a way to share and learn and make changes when necessary.

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I look forward to reading your #TrainingTruths!


  1. when I run I PONG PONG PONG---weights are my ZEN.

  2. SO CUTE! love that you two are training together~

  3. Like Miz, weights are my Zen too :)

  4. How fun to train together! Your dog's cute eyes and both of your legs is pretty much the cutest thing ever!

  5. Great job with your runs during the week! Love that quote!

  6. My thoughts definitely ping-pong at first and then I zone out. And then I ping-pong again!! :-) Sounds like you had some great runs!

  7. Sometimes it's a ping pong match and sometimes I zone out. I think it's great you and your husband can train together!

  8. I think I zone more times than I ping pong. Love the zen-spiration!


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