Saturday, September 17, 2016

30 Day Shred: The Results

This summer I signed up for Amanda Tress's 30 Day Summer Shred Program. I did a post about it, but here's a quick summary.
  • Follows a 5 day carb cycling and intermittent fasting plan
  • Uses customized IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plan
  • You choose your own food
  • Workout plans available for gym and non-gym participants
  • Workouts are a mix of sprints, interval running, and strength training (weights)
My goal was to strengthen up and gain some muscle in places that I could use it like my arms and quads, but also lose any weight/inches that I could along my waist, hips and butt.

Update: This program is now called FASTer Way To Fat Loss - learn more here.


I lost 3 pounds (I think)...the scale at the fitness center was a little questionable, but since I snuck a weigh-in while at my dad's I think this is pretty accurate. I'm pretty happy with this because I did this whole program while staying in Montreal with mrC while he was working and traveling to Florida and Ohio for two weeks.

I lost .75 inches on my waist and hips which feels true because I did buy a pair of shorts a size down from my normal. I gained .75 inches on my thighs and biceps and I'm hoping this is a result of the strength training and not bad measuring.

I will always remember Shred as the time I fell in love with lifting weights. Once I figured out how to use the different machines at the gym, I looked forward to the weight lifting workouts. It was my mission to build up muscle especially in my arms and in left quad. I worked hard and pushed myself to use heavier weights than I ever have.

I love that this program incorporated running workouts, even though I had to modify them for my knee. The sprints and interval runs were still doable on other equipment, but I enjoyed the runs when my knee was feeling happy and used the elliptical, bike and treadmill when it wasn't.

Yesterday's Workout ---> After taking a couple of days off and running a lot of errands, I was ready for a good workout. I picked a full body resistance workout from a new fitness app I found. It was a circuit workout: 2 circuits with 4 exercises and 7 minutes to complete as many laps of the exercises as you can. The workout ends when you complete both circuits 3 times. This might sound confusing, but it's really not.

This workout had a mix of squats, burpees, tricep dips, straight leg sit ups, ab toe taps, lay down push ups, step ups, and mountain climbers. It also followed up with a good stretching session. I burned 279 calories in 36 minutes and worked up a good afternoon backyard sweat.

It was just like old times when we went to watch our niece play high school soccer. I always enjoyed our Friday afternoons watching the girls play when they were still in high school.

My watch had an update and then this happened in the car when we were running errands. One minute of guided meditation. The watch vibrated when it was time to change from breathing in and out.

WIA - it was all good until mrC wanted Chinese food! Then my sister-in-law brought in some Kitchen Sink cookies? Have you heard of these? They're made of everything but the kitchen sink! Butterscotch chips, raisins, rolled oats, chocolate chips, white chocolate, coconut, pecans...SO GOOD!

This happens every time I open the refrigerator door at my sister-in-laws. Sydney also licks the plates as they go into the dishwasher. Funny dog. Since we can't hang out with Booney in Hopkinton every day, Sydney is a nice substitute.

Know any good online training/workout programs I should check out?
Are you an Apple watch user? Do you like the update? I love it!
Do you meditate? One minute is about all that I can do.
Ever had Kitchen Sink cookies?


  1. I meditate occasionally. I do like guided meditations and should really make them part of my day. I don't have an Apple watch and I've never had those cookies. Do you think you'll do this program again? It looks and sounds like you got good results!

    1. I saved all the information so that I can do it again. I like to keep my body guessing so right now I'm trying out some new workouts and crossing my fingers that I keep eating well ;)


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