Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yoga Makes My Sore Muscles Feel Better

I don't know why I waited so long to get out a yoga mat to help ease the sore muscles I have accrued the last couple of days doing resistance workouts. Yoga always makes my sore muscles feel better.

I chose a Yoga with Adriene video that I hadn't done before but sounded good from her Yoga For Weight Loss series. "Love Yoga Flow" was just what I needed and I love Flow.

I also did day 3 of my 21 Day Ab Carving workout plan. This plan should really be called the "OMG my arms and abs are on fire!" plan. Wow.

Later, I pulled out the foam roller and worked on my sore legs a little more. The new fitness app I've been using has a recovery section, so I selected lower body and followed the guided session (approximately 30 minutes). It's like having my own personal trainer.

The sun finally came back out and the temperature was perfect, so mrC and I went for a walk. All of my walks take me to or past this historic family run farm-stand just 7/10 mile from my SIL's house. They have an in-house bakery, homemade ice cream, seasonal local produce, organic coffee and fresh baked pies. One of these days I'm going to give in and buy a donut!

And just because it's too cute not to share...mrC and his sister's dog. I think she's falling for us ;)

What is your favorite way to get rid of sore muscles?
Any temptations along your walking/running route?


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