Monday, September 5, 2016

Shred Day 22: Raising the Bar and Then I Become Insatiable

As much as I wanted to do my sprints as a running workout, I did them on the elliptical instead. I don't think my knee is ready for back to back running days yet. I ended up outside for my cool down walk though.

The workout ---> 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, 25 sprints at 20 seconds on/20 seconds recovery but I RAISED THE BAR today and bumped up to level 4! My last sprint workout on the elliptical was sort of, meh. During my warm-up I was thinking about how sprints used to kick my butt and I love that feeling! Level 4 brought those feelings back. My heart rate was up and my legs were jello. Just the way a good workout should be.

We got a message from Booney who is living the good life and spending lots of time on the Cape. We're so lucky that mrC's cousin and family adopted him when we made the move to China. I don't think many new owners would keep in touch like this.

I also received this photo from my aunt from our day at the Newport Aquarium. We are supposed to be frightened by a shark, but you can't see it!

I guess that killer morning workout really revved up my engines, because I was insatiable ALL day! It felt like my stomach would never stop growling. Here's what I ate on low carb day:


Snacks/Lunch (I just ate and and and ate...):


How did you raise the bar today?

What workouts make you insatiable?

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