Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Todays Menu: Leg Workout + WIAW

It was a perfect morning to get outside for a little HIIT leg workout.

PS: I'm thinking about getting another pair of these amazing flip flops
because they really do feel like I'm walking on a yoga mat. But what color???

Just kidding! That photo is from later in the day because it was a patio kind of day.

Back to that workout --->

On the menu today was lower body resistance and even though my legs were still feeling sore from the last time, I shrugged my shoulders and pressed the start button. My legs felt pretty good during the workout, but it was another tough one.

Two circuits. Four exercises. 7 minutes. 30 seconds rest between circuits. Complete each circuit 2X. 10 minute cool down stretch.

Circuit 1: medicine ball squats, static lunges, jump rope, knee ups
Circuit 2: squats jumps, walking lunges, burpees, weighted step ups

The best - everything was working on squat jumps today. I was feeling powerful, my legs were strong and my knee was happy.

The worst - not a fan of lunges and today it was doubled with two types: 15 static on each side and 24 walking (12 on each side). BTW, that smile is so fake.

Bonus workout --> stair repeats (I was really doing laundry) plus an afternoon walk with mrC added another 1.4 miles to our weekly total.

What I Ate Wednesday:

What was on your menu today?

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