Monday, September 26, 2016

And on Mondays We Squat (plus a Presidential Debate Drinking Game)

This morning after everyone went to work, I got to workout! Today I started Week 4 of the Sweat with Kayla program.

The temperatures have dropped BIG TIME in Springfield. This morning it was only 35 degrees and I don't really have cold weather outdoor workout gear with me. Using the Sweat with Kayla app on my phone makes it easy to workout anywhere. I easily found a place in the house to do my resistance leg HIIT workout.

Circuit 1: squats with overhead press, step up knee ups, jump rope, static lunges

Circuit 2: jump squats, walking lunges, burpees, step ups

After an amazingly relaxing weekend, I needed a good, hard workout to start the week and this delivered. The whole time I was working out, I pushed myself and stayed focused on giving 100% during each exercise. When I started to feel tired, I thought about all the calories my body was burning and was going to keep burning later.

After completing the post workout stretches, I went right out for a 30 minute low intensity sustained state walk. As cold as it was when I started my HIIT workout, it was almost perfect during my walk (just a little cool after my sweaty body cooled down).

My shoes

There were some signs of autumn on my walk. I love the look of pumpkins and mums, and falling leaves.

mrC gave me a tennis ball so that I could work on my calf muscles. I'm still dealing with the stinger in my heel (that still only flares up when I stretch) and I'm hoping at some point I will pinpoint the cause. It's messing with my yoga game.

Sun in the backyard means two things:

- watering the lawn where my SIL just had a new septic tank put in.

- putting my feet up because, life is good.

Before jumping in the shower, I did a spontaneous strength workout. Just a quick one using my beloved resistance band system. I am really happy to be taking this back to China with us.


Tonight is The Big Night in politics and a lot of people will be watching the Battle at Hofstra. Some people are speculating that the candidates might come out and play it safe and the whole debate might be pretty boring. Just in case, I thought it would be unfair if I did not share this drinking game that a friend posted on Facebook with you.

Do you have a Monday workout mantra? I like "Never miss a Monday"
Favorite signs of Fall?
Ever have a stinger in your heel?
What words would you add to the drinking game? I would put Huge on Trump's list.


  1. Favorite signs of finally happened today...the first sign it is here for wake up and it is slightly chilly in your room and you want to get back in the covers...because the AC is off,the heat is off and it's just nature...ahhh! So happy the 90 degrees have gone and the early morning 50s are here!Oh and of ocurse, I love breaking out the fall scented candles, so cozy!

  2. Yes! There's something very cozy about the smell of autumn. Especially some pumpkin spice!!


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