Friday, September 23, 2016

Full Body HIIT Workout formerly known as Calisthenics

Have you ever noticed that your HIIT workout is made up of all those exercises you did in PE Class as a kid that your teacher called Calisthenics? It shouldn't be surprising since calisthenics are exercises done using just your body weight.

Today my full body workout basically had all the staple calisthenic moves:

Circuit 1: squats, burpees, toe taps, jump rope

Circuit 2: lunge jumps, sumo squats, push ups, straight leg sit ups

I must talk about my workout. 1) The burpees went smoothly the first time through the circuits. The second time, my quads were so tired! 2) I really, really dislike lunge jumps. 3) I totally killed the push ups today!! I'm so proud of myself. 4) I'm excited that I completed all of the workouts for the week ---> three resistance HIIT workouts and three cardio workouts.

I love that the Sweat with Kayla workouts come with a cool down guided stretch session. Now if I could just make that nasty stinger in my heel go away so I could enjoy the stretching more.

The stretch session reminds me to go right to the foam roller and work on those tight spots.


mrC made us breakfast after my morning workout.

I had leftover BBQ chicken for lunch.

Still loving some delicious watermelon.

We made dinner for mrC's parents again: grilled cheeseburgers, steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries.

Tomorrow we are heading to Boston for the day and going to a soccer game.

Did you get a workout in today? Any calisthenics?
Have any big plans for the weekend?


  1. Ha, I wish we had done calisthenics in school. Honestly I don't remember doing much worth while in PE class. I can remember the seniors got to just walk the track while eating chips and drinking cola. How's that for PE class??? Yea, I didn't understand it either. Have fun at the soccer game!

    1. Haha, I must have had a tough teacher!! Although we did do more in grammar school than high school.


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