Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shred Day 20: Low Intensity Cardio and Touring Old Port Montreal

The 30 Day Shred follows a carb cycling and intermittent fasting schedule. There are days where we rest (low calorie days) and there are days when we do low intensity cardio (fast days).

Low intensity cardio is a good option on fast days because your body will reach for stored energy (fat), but typically not need to burn stored protein (muscle). My favorite low intensity cardio are long walks, light yoga and even an easy elliptical workout.

Today mrC had the day off so we headed to Old Port Montreal for a little self-guided walking tour. We got lucky and found a parking spot right near Saint-Paul Street, a partial pedestrian street with shops and restaurants lining both sides. This is what it looks like from the early birds perspective.

Next we headed down to the water and walked to Clock Tower. This building marked the entrance to the port and is dedicated to all the sailors who died at sea during wartime. It is a replica of Big Ben in London. In addition to having very accurate time, it also served as a lighthouse.

The waterfront was a beautiful place with amazing views and plenty to do. This weekend at Clock Tower Quay the YUL EAT Festival, a taste of Montreal type event, was being held (not a cool thing when you are fasting). We saw food booths, tents and trucks as far as the eye could see. There's going to be a lot of food consumed there this weekend!

We explored the Bonsecours Market, a two story market place (reminded us of Faneuil Hall in Boston) that used to be city hall but now houses trendy shops and some restaurants.

We hung out for a little while at Place Jacques-Cartier. The square was so inviting with the sun shining and benches beckoning us to sit and enjoy a smoothie from one of the many cafe type restaurants lining either side. OK, mrC enjoyed the smoothie, but I might have had a couple sips. 
Tip ---> Bring your Canadian cash with you...some places do not take credit cards.

We toured Notre-Dame Basilica. Wow. That is what I kept repeating the whole time. I love visiting churches, but the big, historic ones are just stunning. Tip ---> You'll need cash here too. $5 fee to get in and a couple more if you like to light candles like we do. Also, be sure to walk around. There is a smaller chapel in the back, Chapelle Notre-Dame-Du-Sacré-Coeur.

We could have spent the whole day in Old Port Montreal but we had to prioritize. We walked along the waterfront some more and stopped for some souvenirs on Saint-Paul Street before heading back to the hotel so mrC could study. We did stop at Walmart for a few things first though. Again, priorities.

We ventured out again for a nice walk after dinner. There might not be a lot to look at where the hotel is located, but a plane is never too far. There is also plenty of room to do yoga. 

The goal is to break fast as close to 24 hours as you can. Well, I typically make it about 20 hours and today was the first day of my monthly which makes me feel just blah on a regular day. 

Broke fast around 2PM:


Snacks: some Oreo crisps and red grapes.

What is your favorite low intensity cardio exercise?

Do you like to tour churches?


  1. Wow, stunning pictures. Looks like a fun place to play tourist.

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